Safe Hormones, Smart Women (eBook)

Safe Hormones, Smart Women (eBook)


Hormone health is a huge part of keeping this second half of our life even healthier and more energetic than the first.

This is a must-read book for women.

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We are the first generation that will live most of our lives in the second half of our life. Hormone health is a huge part of keeping this second half of our life even healthier and more energetic than the first. This is a must-read book for women in mid-life and beyond. Science has been substantiating that we had erroneously thrown out hormones after the Women’s Health Initiative.

Now, hormone replacement is not only safe for many women, it substantially reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, increases quality of life, and even reduces the risk of breast cancer in certain women. The scare about hormones 10 years ago is being elbowed out of the way to clear a path for women to safely use individualized hormone replacement protocols to stay younger, sexier and healthier.

Berkson has been one of the voices in investigative journalism and research linking balanced hormones to healthier decades of life, along with the critical role of foods and nutrients to keep hormone signaling more balanced and safer. Berkson shows, in a non-intimidating but entertaining manner, how all the hormones function and dysfunction together, and that foods and nutrients critically assist in keeping this hormonal family in sync, rather than at physiologic odds.

• Berkson explains the good and bad estrogen dominance and the role of hormones and foods in keeping the ratio between the two optimal.

• Learn which foods to eat and which to avoid to keep your own hormones safe, not just store-bought replaced hormones.

• Learn what the experts are saying about hormone replacement. Hormones out of balance promote hard to lose weight, high blood sugar and fats, depression, irritability and loss of vital mojo to keep yourself moving forward.

Hormone balance is critical to keep your mind sharp enough to make more memories while you relish your old ones. Don’t miss out on the newest and latest information of hormone health. Be leaner, sexier, more multi-orgasmic, have younger skin and even younger sounding voices, by learning how to eat to keep your hormones safe, and how to work with your doctors to find your best hormone replacement program.

Safe Hormones, Smart Women Testimonials

“This is a landmark, must-read book on hormones. It’s a funny read while at the same time giving women and doctors the first-ever complete review of science to feel safer about their hormone decisions. It also clearly outlines the nutrients and foods that help keep hormones acting safer. When I read the first few pages, I laughed so hard I told Lindsey this will be a best seller.”—Alan Gaby, MD Renowned nutrition medical authority and author of Clinical Nutrition in Medicine

“This book offers sassy and smart advice for all women in their 40’s and beyond. It translates complex science into entertainment. Read this book, talk with your doctor, and now you know you also need to consult a nutritionist to help keep your hormones safe.” Linda Titus-Ernstoff PhD Breast Cancer epidemiologist and Professor, Darmouth Medical School

“A must read! The most complete hormone/nutrient/science connection ever made. Cutting-edge science in an easy, humorous, down to earth presentation.” Screven Edgerton MD gynecologist Austin, Texas.

“I highly recommend Lindsey Berkson’s book Safe Hormones, Smart Women. This book is a must-read for both the patient and the doctor. She provides emergent science about bioidentical hormones and how to properly use them. Anyone interested in health could benefit from this book. I have nine books out, three of which are on hormones, yet when I read this book I discovered lots of new information.”—David Brownstein, MD Author of The Miracle of Natural Hormones, third edition

“In this book, Lindsey Berkson has once again applied her razor-sharp intellect to a wealth of data. I am amazed at the amount of peer-reviewed clinical evidence and basic science evidence that allows me as a doctor to discuss the known risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy with my patients. Dr. Berkson has made it possible for a patient to make an informed decision about hormone replacement with one small book.”—Christine Green MD,The Green Hormone Balancing Clinic, Los Altos, CA “One step forward for womankind. A must read for every woman.”—Ginger Savely, Nurse Practitioner

About The Author

Dr. Berkson has been well known in the world of integrative medicine, nutrition and health education for years. Due to her own health issues from a drug her mother was given while pregnant with her, and working in a dialysis clinic from co-inventing a drug for diabetes and dialysis patients, Dr. Berkson has seen life from both sides of the table: practitioner and patient, and has dealt with crisis in disease and transition, for decades. She has worked closely with many patients facing death. Lindsey has taught courses on dealing with crisis in health such as at the Omega Institute in Austin, TX. Lindsey has combined haunting lovely original art with words that reach and cradle our hearts instantaneously.

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