Dr. Gordon Pedersen is one of the world’s experts on the health benefits of silver. Dr. Pedersen is board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, has a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Ph.D. degrees in Immunology and Medical Biology and performed his cardiology internship under Jonas Salk, the medical researcher who discovered the polio vaccine. 

In this show you will learn the “ins” and “outs” of which silver is best for healing and how to apply silver for various conditions. For example, you will learn how and why silver nasal spray protects your nasal biomes, and thus your downstream small intestine and large intestine microbiomes.

You will discover:

  • Alkaline vs. acidic silver.
  • How silver is so healing it has put 100% of African children with malaria into remission, in several randomized trails, yet… still doesn’t require a prescription!
  • The history of silver as a healing metal, even used in some food products in countries like India.
  • The difference between structured silver and colloidal silver.
  • Silver and your pets.
  • Silver medically versus jewelry.
  • How structured silver destroys “bad” but not “good” bacteria.
  • And more!

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Website: https://mydoctorsuggests.com/books/

Products: Silver products designed by Dr. Pedersen are available in lozenges, sprays, soaps, liquids, gels and more.

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