All Type-1 diabetics should work with a medical nutritionist to help heal the inherent gut wall and microbiome glitches that are part of cause and effect of this nasty illness. Leaky gut is a reality with Type One diabetes. This is the work of the pediatric gastroenterologist, Dr. Fasano, from the University of Maryland.

Strategic nutrition also helps reduce cell damage from inevitable periods of glucose spiking and oxidative stress.

Plus, glutamate is an amino acid essential in beta cell function. Within one year of diagnosis, niacinamide and glutamate/gaba testing and balancing can help reduce meds and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Fiber is your child’s best friend. It helps reduce dangerous blood sugar spikes.

Your doc won’t tell you this. Mostly they don’t know it.
It’s in the literature but they weren’t taught it in med school.
Be smart. Don’t just rely on meds. Work with a smart science based nutritional practitioner who can spend the time with you to help your child.

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