H. pylori

We used to think that most ulcers were causes by excess acid or stress. Now we know many ulcers (not all) are caused by an infection of a bug that loves to live inside an unhealthy stomach. This bug is called H. pylori.

We think there are other ulcer causes, like daily aspirin intake (not good like docs thoughts), other bugs still being identified, and life style issues such as excess alcohol and processed foods.

What’s the big deal?

The deal is that an infection with H. pylori increases your risk of cancer, in the stomach but also diverse cancers throughout the body (not too many docs realize this) and it also blocks the critical production of stomach acid and Vitamin B12! The infection thrives in damaged gut & stomach tissue. 

I lecture on this at A4M in the gastroenterology module.

What to do?

Whether a kid or an adult it is a good idea to get tested once a decade.  The best tests are a breath test or genetic testing with a comprehensive stool test called the GI MAP.

Be well.
Be bug free.
Love ya – Dr. B. (that rhymes!)


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