This is a show with a lot of pearls to help keep you well. In this solo show by Dr. Berkson you will learn:

  • How part of getting well is making sure your environment isn’t making you ill.
  • The bigger picture of health.
  • Not to sell your house when it might be your duvet cover: “Feather lung inflammation syndrome” caused by a feather duvet and reversed by ditching the duvet.
  • “The bigger the poop the smaller the hospital bill.”
  • Why your brain hormones need zinc.
  • Why you need to “train for your remission” based on information from astronauts!
  • Reversal of 16 years of stage 2 kidney disease within 10 months of getting to “root cause”. A real Thanksgiving!
  • Chronic illness can cause brain inflammation.

Resources & Links

Can You Reverse Bad Kidney Function?

Gut & Nutrition UPDATES with Dr. Berkson (#149)

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