Join Dr. Berkson for this medley show updating you on widespread health information from your gut to your kidneys to allergies.

In this show you will learn: 

  • The link between the “Keto diet” and gut wall health.
  • Spores, the new way to heal gut wall and overall gut health.
  • What nutrient helps you break-through a weight loss “plateau”.
  • Foods that increase the “satiety” hormone—leptin.
  • Exactly much fish oil to avoid if you are on blood thinners.
  • The mechanism by which artificial sweeteners contribute to underactive thyroid disease.
  • How stress dings your gut wall and how the “love hormone” oxytocin combats this.
  • What the stress hormone “cortisol” has to do with causing and treating allergies.
  • How to protect your kidneys when taking blood pressure medications and aspirin.
  • How shift workers are prone to inflammation, the “melatonin-gut link”.
  • If you are going to have to do radiation therapies, learn how to protect your gut to protect against complications.

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