What is Up?

Your life often tells you what is up but, you have to practice listening.



Ask Questions.

Want to be Healthy and Live Your Best Life?

You must be congruent and true to yourself by not abandoning yourself. Make sure to listen to yourself: your body, mind and spirit. Take note of what your life is trying to tell you, your life is your biggest curriculum – Learn from it!

True Health equals waking up refreshed & ready to go! If this is not you then something is wrong.  

If you are ill, it’s for a reason. Often that reason is hidden and hard to find. In order to get well you must get to the root cause.

When You are not Well.

You must find medical sleuths that spend the time & know-how to work with you to find & fix your hidden root causes! Finding the why, the root cause, is an art of a professional that has spent their life learning how to do this. Getting to the root cause can take lots of time and work. You need a sleuth to spend the hours and hours. When someone “sees” me the first session often includes 4 to 5 hours of sleuthing to focus on why.

Often illnesses are tamped down with meds and diagnoses, such a sad story.

The happy news is that most of the time illness can be fixed. I know, because I have personally experienced it and it is due to my listening to my body and sleuthing out the root cause.

Listen to my podcast Reversing Kidney Disease the Bigger Picture of Health to hear more about my latest health victory (after YEARS of sleuthing) over my long term kidney disease.


Be true to who you are.

With all my heart,

Dr. B