There is a documented epidemic of low testosterone (T) in males, even young males. Insufficient T is not only linked to erectile dysfunction, it is being reproducibly linked to dying prematurely (losing a few years off your life) from diverse causes, referred to as all-cause mortality. Sufficient levels of T, often higher than the lower end of most lab reference ranges, prevents a long list of serious illnesses such as cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and Type-2 Diabetes.

One of the first symptoms of insufficient T is low energy. This is because testosterone protects mitochondria, the energy production factory in most cells. Insufficient or low T causes mitochondria to become dysfunctional and you to become fatigued, and not the spry confident guy you used to be.

Often, as men age, they may become grumpy, loose their zest for life, and be more prone to prostate cancer. Much of this is reversible or preventable by proper testing and treatment with bioidentical hormones.

But hormones do not exist in a vacuum. A well-rounded hormone doctor will test three kinds of T, at least two kinds of estrogen, adrenal and thyroid hormone health, sometimes other hormones like growth hormone and oxytocin, and sometimes other blood factors, like sex hormone binding globulin. To have proper medical evaluation of your T, the smart doc, to get the best results for you, needs the bigger picture of everything related to your testosterone.

Why is there such an epidemic of low T? Listen to this show and learn. And discover exact steps you can take to protect the males you love.

You can read more about the facts and controversies of T, answered in an easy read in SEXY BRAIN, Dr. Berkson’s latest book.

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