In this show, Dr. Berkson reviews the science and safety of testosterone therapy for some breast cancer survivors. Dr. Berkson walks you through the studies. You hear how and why testosterone (T) might be a safe answer for some breast cancer patients to improve quality of life and reduce the rate of recurrence. 

In this show you’ll learn about:

  • How maleness protects femaleness (how T protects breast tissue).
  • The differences between estrogen receptor alpha and beta.
  • All about 3β-Adiol. In both genders.
  • How T protects prostate tissue.
  • The shadow side and controversy of T.
  • Aromatase enzymes.
  • The Estrogen Quotient.
  • The Testosterone Metabolic Profile.
  • The ratios of metabolites of female hormones (estrogens) to male hormones (androgens) and how to test for these, and where to get the kits.
  • Finally, you learn specific natural answers to improve these ratios and decrease the risk of hormonally driven cancers.

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