Swami (Steve Bhaerman) is a “cosmic comic” who has been doing comedy about consciousness and enlightenment for 30 years, and making a living at it! Humor is a critical pillar of health. Berkson attempts to insert human into many aspects of daily life with those she knows as well as strangers. Humor makes you open your spirit to that which you may not have considered. It can even be called “moment yoga” as it unites you with the “now”. Berkson belongs to a toastmaster comedy club (Laughing Really Matters, Austin, TX) so she cherishes humor. Humor is not frivolous, it is a gift and a portal through which the universe laughs along with us. Humor makes pain and suffering a smaller font size. No one knows this better than Swami who has been making humor his focus his whole life. So talking with the Swami was a delight. He has lectured to universities, medical symposiums, health centers, and on and on. Swami co-authored a book on consciousness with the famous scientist Bruce Lipton and the book is now selling in 22 countries. So this Swami is both funny and serious at the same time. All effective good humor does this, too. This show is a walk on the wild side, to take a look at health from a refreshing and different perspective. The Swami consults one-on-one with those who want more humor in their life or lectures. You can sign up for a daily Swami humor and more. Check out these links to get more of the Swami: