Wendy Myers is known as the “Detox Guru”. In this show we go into detox in step-by-step detail and show how heavy metal toxicity is linked to severe fatigue and hormonal issues, which is why detox is a critical answer for many who are not getting well by typical medical interventions. Wendy is the founder of Liveto110.com and MineralPower.com, which both emphasize toxic metal and mineral-testing protocols with individualized detox and mineral replacement programs to overcome fatigue and reverse diverse illnesses. Wendy recently had Dr. Joseph Mercola on her podcast and is presently treating him with her unique combination of individualized detox protocols along with the NES Bioenergetic programs. Meyers consults internationally out of Los Angeles, Ca. Meyers wrote the #1 best seller: Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue. She uses “hair mineral analysis” and other functional tests to design customized programs to treat severe fatigue, resistant weight problems and hormonal imbalances. These protocols are especially helpful to regain energy, improve cognition, and balance adrenal and thyroid function. Meyer’s body of research can be found on her hundreds of articles on her websites. In 2018, she is launching the Detox Institute to teach practitioners how to properly use and interpret toxic metal hair, stool and urine tests. Heavy metal toxicity is an unappreciated major cause of various serious illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Wendy discusses her favorite detox protocols and gives her favorite simple tips. She gives details about how she uses “info-ceuticals.” Metals make mitochondria dysfunctional. Mitochondria are where human energy is produced. Mitochondria require enzymes. These enzymes use nutrients to “feed” Krebs cycle activities that produce energy (ATP). Heavy metals block these enzymes and thus paralyze mitochondrial energy production. Part of rebooting energy is clearing heavy metals out of mitochondria and replacing the with specific minerals. Wendy explains the mercury toxicity link to hormonal issues from PCOS to miscarriage and also discusses how lead disrupts healthy estrogen signaling. Wendy has kindly made a great offer for YOU. She is giving away free eBooks for my listeners at this address https://liveto110.com/free This was a super show on everything you wanted to know about detox but didn’t know who to ask.