Lisa Tamati is a best selling author of “Running Hot” and “Running To Extremes.”

She is all about never giving up and taking yourself to new levels no matter what the odds. Lisa is an ultra marathoner. She runs. Across deserts and up at crazy high heights. Even though she has broken her neck and back and was told she should never run and could never run. She’s an asthmatic with much less lung capacity than you or me. But Lisa doesn’t give up. Never. She shares how she trains her brain to approach her world like this. She launched a new mind set course so that anyone from athletes to a regular Jane or Joe can learn the mind set steps that she has developed to have the motivation to get you to wherever you dream to go.

To show you how much you should (don’t you hate being ‘should upon’) never give up, is the story of Lisa’s other half (not her handsome fireman husband) but her mum (as they say down under in New Zealand where Lisa lives). Her mother had both a brain aneurysm and stroke and lost all ability to walk, talk and was  unconscious in a coma. Against all odds, Lisa shares exactly how she got her mother back. Her mother, Isabel, is now walking, talking and more normal than you or I.

So much of life is having more tools in your tool bag. The critical tool of rebooting your mind set to not take the negativity and doom and gloom of others, but be able to pioneer your own success and courage, this is the stuff that allows you to soar above the clouds rather than merely surviving in the rain beneath them.

This show is a dynamic conversation between two women who have faced so many odds, and not only came out even, both have came out filled with life, health, hope and a huge connection to the powerful beat of life itself.

Today’s culture of eating too much in front of the TV, being told you have a disease you have to stay on meds for life, being told it’s their fault so sue them and get what you deserve, all trains us for learned helplessness and entitlement.

Looking for others for what you might be, keeps the emphasis on might.

Looking to yourself for what you can be, allows the emphasis to be on hope.

Your life is up to you. No matter the odds, how you were raised, how you were traumatized or your specific limiting diagnosis, in actuality, so much of your world is how you make it. This is of course, easy to say and  yet not easy for many to do.

However, after you hear this show, your tool bag will have many more exact tools for you to be what you would love to be.

Lisa shared that when her Dad discussed their need to initiate funeral details to plan for her mom’s death, Lisa looked at him and proclaimed, “As long as you have breath, you fight. You fight for her life. Not plan for her death.”

As long as you have breath, you fight for what dream you want to come true.

But like any fighter has to train, if you want the motivation to do great things, you need to train for your life as though your life depended on it.

This inspiring motivational show will leave you feeling grateful and hopeful to alive, no matter the details of what has been bogging you down. You will get some very exact, practical tools to reset your mindset and motivation immediately and authentically.  As well as a bunch of true belly laughs along the way. This show is exciting, rousing, touching and fun. All wrapped into an hour and 20+ minutes for your listening inspiration.

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