Possibilities, Psychology & Quantum Physics. Mel Schwartz, author of The Possibility Principal, is a therapist who has practiced for over 20 years. He is an emerging voice in the field of personal transformation.

Mel is one of the first practicing psychotherapists to integrate the principles of “quantum physics” into a “psychotherapeutic” approach.

Mel is the author of The Art of Intimacy, The Pleasure of Passion, and he blogs for Psychology Today.  He has written over 100 articles, read by more than 1.5 million people. He offers supervisions and trainings to those in the helping professions.

This gentle conversation unfolds as Mel is sitting in his home by the sea on the east coast with Dr. Berkson in Texas. Schwartz and Dr. B.  discuss exactly how he introduces these principals to those who are having issues in relationships, incapacitated by fear or wanting to understand what is holding them back in life.

This show is like a conversation in “is-ness” and “being-ness” introducing a new approach to diving deeper. Mel’s work focuses on helping you achieve a more authentic relationship with your deeper self as well as those you long to achieve harmony with.

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