Follow the money in hormonesFollow the Money

The CEOs of the companies that provided the synthetic hormones used in the Women’s Health Initiative trials fought hard against bioidentical hormones. For years they screamed that a hormone is a hormone and that synthetic progestins and horse estrogens were completely safe to prescribe to women.

Now, these very same CEOs are soon releasing their own bioidentical hormones (called Replenish) and writing in peer review studies about how much better and safer they are.

Why? It’s the trend of the times. It’s also clearly what the science supports. It’s also what functional doctors and researchers like myself have been writing, lecturing and sharing about for years. 

Plus, hormone therapies make money.

Follow the dough. (I don’t mean gluten-free)

The use of hormones has been confusing, to say the least. As the dance continues, women are often the pawn of those who get rich off of whatever hormones are in vogue.

My mother, when pregnant with me, was given the most powerful synthetic estrogen ever invented (DES). This drug was given as a prenatal vitamin and/or pregnancy protector to millions of women for 36 years—until it was labeled as a Class 1 carcinogen and banned. I have fought many cancers and serious diagnoses as a result of my early exposure. Doctors repeatedly told me I had no hope of healing the various health traumas I have been through, from recurrent cancers to irreversible blindness . . . all of which are now in my rearview mirror.

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