It’s sad to say but hormones are the most misunderstood genre of medicine.

This is true for many reasons.

Misunderstanding. Too many doctors and even scientific papers don’t understand the difference between synthetic hormones, which have been altered to make them profitable, and bioidentical hormones that are just like those made by your own body and designed by Mother Nature.

Too often docs tell patients that “a hormone is a hormone is a hormone. Wrong!

For example, many doctors think progesterone (“naturally” made by your body) and progestins (“synthetic” so altered to be patentable and sold for profit) are pretty much the same. They are not and act very differently inside the human body.

Hormones “redefined” with today’s hormone-altering chemicals. Today’s polluted planet and our food are laden with hormone-altering chemicals. These “endocrine disruptors” are altering our endocrine system. They can alter hormonal functioning inside the human body or even alter genetics set-up in the womb so the baby develops early or unusual hormone issues. Hormone disruption also occurs in our animal friends such as birds, alligators, fish and all life on Mother Earth.

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