I have been in practice for over 40 years and through my work, as a Hormone Scholar at Environmental Estrogen Think Tank (CBR Tulane), a Clinician, a Bestselling author, a Professor at Higher Board Certification Courses for MDs, NPs and pharmacists, a Research Fellow and as a Breast Cancer Survivor for 25 years I have learned these things about hormones:




  • Whenever a doctor says that there is no answer for you, it means that they don’t have an answer for you. Never give up hope.
  • Hormones rule your body and must be respected.
  • Bioidentical hormones are much safer than synthetic as your body is designed to respond to them naturally.
  • Each person has his or her own “hormonal footprint” that must be individually tested and tracked.
  • Healthy, balanced hormones (often achieved by testing and replacing) are the best anti-aging tools.
  • Some high-risk and even breast cancer patients can take specific types of hormone therapies to stay healthy, but the doctors need to know and be experienced in the science-based protocols. I am trying my best to pass this info forward.
  • If hormone signals are blocked, your body breaking down worsens and aging accelerates.
  • Hormones are nature’s Physiologic Internet System: sending emails to cells throughout your entire body to keep you healthfully keeping on.
  • Hormone imbalances are happening earlier and earlier—in the placenta, in infants, and in teens—due to our polluted planet and chemical-laden food.
  • Hormone levels should be tracked every decade throughout life in order to help a savvy provider know which levels help you feel your best.
  • You are unique. Norms don’t necessarily apply to you. This often includes “labs”.
  • Blood (or saliva or urine) levels do not tell the whole story of hormones. Receptor functionality is where the rubber of hormone health meets the hormonal road.
  • “Receptor functionality” leans on your food choices, your digestive capabilities, nutrient levels and health of other hormones.

and most importantly, it is best to work with a team that understands this bigger picture so you can be the very best version of yourself for many years to come.

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