Gut and Hormones

Hormones & Your Gut

There are receptors throughout the entire digestive tract, liver, and pancreas. Even the love hormone, oxytocin, sends signals to your gut wall. Part of the increase of gut issues as we age is that hormone signals are slowing down (hormonal deficiencies and/or hormonal imbalances) and gut tissues are missing out on protective hormone emails. Again, all this information is available in peer review science but isn’t acted upon in most medical settings.

Autoimmune Diseases

There are approximately 159 autoimmune diseases. All but one (kidney autoimmune disease) happens more often to women than to men. Why? Because men have more testosterone and T protects their immune systems.

Replicated studies show that hormones (testosterone and a special form of estrogen called estriol) are immune protective. Hormone therapies of T and/or estriol have been shown to reduce certain aspects of autoimmune diseases, such as shrinking brain plaque in multiple sclerosis patients and rebooting gut wall barrier function in inflammatory disease patients. Many studies about this are published in peer review science, but in most medical settings this information is either not known or acted upon.

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