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Dr. Zach Bush is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country. His expertise is in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care yet, besides medical science, Dr. Bush has now focused his research and spirit toward the planet and it’s link with the human gut. Dr. Bush started out designing chemotherapy drugs and now formulates nutraceuticals that can overcome ubiquitous toxins, such as his revolutionary liquid gut product: “Restore”. In this show you join in on a dynamic dialogue that inspires you to rethink how we occupy this precious planet we all share. Dr. Bush’s new research [...]

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE WITH DR. ZACH BUSH MD (#131)2019-06-28T14:40:47-05:00

Cardio-respiratory Fitness with Dr. Berkson (#130)


Cardio and respiratory fitness has enormous impact on your heart health, and far-reaching implications for a host of other diseases and illnesses. In this show, Dr. Berkson takes a look at recent studies from Harvard and shares how exercise—and high interval intensity training (HIIT)—promotes biome diversity, helps fight cancer, and more. Your gut health isn’t determined by your food choices alone. When you “push” yourself physically, your whole being is rewarded. Learn how physical fitness impacts your gut, your heart, and your mind. Listen to discover how to exercise to gain the most benefit. Resources & LinksEstrogen + Exercise + Fish Oil [...]

Cardio-respiratory Fitness with Dr. Berkson (#130)2019-06-28T14:40:48-05:00

How you make and keep your microbiome healthy.


What are biomes? Teeming bacteria, viruses, and fungi live and thrive in nooks and crannies throughout a typically healthy human body. There are much more of “them” than there are of “us.” In fact, there are nine cells of this “foreign” microbial life for every one of your own cells. These microbes reside in pockets metaphorically referred to as internal “rain forests” or “hidden zoos”—swarming with activity and sending signals to your brain and other tissues, greatly influencing how health unfolds. These pockets of microbial life are called “biomes.” The most well-known biome occupies the warm, moist, nutrient-rich large intestine,known as [...]

How you make and keep your microbiome healthy.2019-06-28T14:41:02-05:00

Farshid Sam Rahbar MD: Whole-Person Approach to Digestive Care (#79)


  Dr. Sam Rahbar heads the Los Angeles Gastroenterology and Nutrition Center. Dr. Sam is one of the few gut docs that incorporates anti-aging & functional medicine together with an integrative holistic approach focused on digestive care. His practice embraces mind & body, lifestyle & nutrition, identifying and treating inflammation, infections, immune system issues, toxic burdens, allergies, hormone balancing, and most importantly, optimizing gut integrity. There are not a lot of gut doctor’s like Rahbar. In this 1.5 hour in-depth show Dr. Sam shares a number of his rare clinical pearls. Dr. Rahbar specializes in sleuthing out “stealth infections” that distract or [...]

Farshid Sam Rahbar MD: Whole-Person Approach to Digestive Care (#79)2019-07-30T08:01:20-05:00

Evan Brand – Gut infections, testing, natural treatment protocols and comments about being nutritionally sane in an insane world (#55)


Evan BrandEvan Brand hosts one of the top 25 ranked health podcast shows in the US called Not Just Paleo. Evan, author of three health books, is also a nutritional sleuth specializing in identifying and naturally treating hidden gut infections. When he was a teenager he got very ill from what turned out to be multiple gut infections that his regular doctors could not identify. By identifying the exact organisms and learning how to use herbs to eradicate the infection, and becoming healthier than ever, launched Evan into his career.Infections Must Be AddressedEvan shares that healthy diets alone will not treat fungal, [...]

Evan Brand – Gut infections, testing, natural treatment protocols and comments about being nutritionally sane in an insane world (#55)2019-07-30T08:15:06-05:00

8 Benefits of Fermented Foods


Fermenting food has been around since Neolithic times when there were no fridges.  It’s a way of preserving food, that has many other health benefits besides preservation. The term fermentation comes from a Latin word meaning to “raise” or “bubble.” As the process of fermentation starts, are created and food is transformed into “power food.” In a sense we are all like starter cultures, bubbling our enthusiasm for life and health within our homes and communities. 8 Benefits of Fermented foods: More nutrients. When food is fermented, enhanced nutrition is generated, such as higher amounts of very bioavailable (more useable by [...]

8 Benefits of Fermented Foods2019-04-03T10:07:37-05:00

Are Your Kids in Pharmaceutical Danger?


Recently, I have had many pediatric patients who are already on a long list of meds. In reviewing the meds and their side effects (that the parents didn’t know about), there is an obvious growing trend of more meds causing more problems that are not linked back to the meds, so the child is then given even more meds. Is your child caught in this dangerous medicine cabinet loop? What meds are kids on? Antibiotics. Acid blockers. Antihistamines. HPV vaccines. To name a few. These may be okay for a short term while the root cause of why they are ill [...]

Are Your Kids in Pharmaceutical Danger?2019-06-28T14:41:48-05:00

Five Ways Good Gut Bacteria Stay Good By Devaki Lindsey Berkson


How do we tend the garden of our intestinal bugs so they stay healthy and thus so do we? Oxford University researchers have proposed a clever answer. They say that Mother Nature made good bacteria "sticky". This way they stick together deep inside your intestinal tract, and don’t wander across the gut wall or “get lost”. How does that happen? The immune system lives inside the gut “wall”. The gut immune system produces highly adhesive molecules. These are called immunoglobulins (specifically 'IgA'). These are antibodies that coat the bacteria inside your gut and in essence, purposely make the good gut bacteria [...]

Five Ways Good Gut Bacteria Stay Good By Devaki Lindsey Berkson2019-04-03T10:10:51-05:00