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This is a dynamic conversation about the reality of the health of the gut and diverse diseases from autism to severe upper respiratory tract infections.

Dr. Sabine Hazan-Steinberg

Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist Dr. Sabine Hazan-Steinberg is past Chief of Medicine at Community Memorial Hospital and has spent the last several decades doing deep dives into fecal transplant research, biomes and the link with overall health as well as specific diseases.

Dr. Hazan has been the principal investigator on over 22 peer review published medical trials. She has published studies on Covid and our biome. Her latest paper coming out is on the specific role of one bacteria in our gut that makes us more vulnerable to Covid infections as well as enhanced severity.

Dr. Hazen is one of the world’s experts on the genetics of the gut biome and now you get to hear it straight from the experts.

In this show you will learn:

  • What the biome has to do with our health and the top issues and foods that make a biome unhealthy.
  • What “biome diversity” means and if you want it, or not.
  • How fecal transplant eliminated disease in some patients and increased it in others.
  • How pathogenic gut infections, even C. diff, is more an issue of loss of “balance” of a healthy biome rather than the virulence of that particular microbe.
  • The role of gut biome health and Covid.
  • Risk vs. benefit of scientific medical research.
  • Early intervention Covid protocols, and more.

You will also learn some of the best and easiest “probiotic foods” to consume such as umeboshi plum paste, and where to get it.


Umeboshi Plum Paste

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