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Dr. Leo Galland

Dr. Galland is a pioneer in studying the impact of intestinal microbes (the gut microbiome) and overall health, especially with excessive gut wall permeability (“leaky gut”).

A graduate of Harvard University and New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Galland is board-certified in internal medicine listed in the Leading Physicians of the World and America’s Top Doctors.

In This Show

Dr Galland explains what types of dysbiosis may lead to increased vulnerabilities of getting COVID-19. And, conversely, how Covid might adversely affect the gut microbiome.

He also explains and names, which nutraceuticals and probiotics may protect against getting COVID and may reduce severity of cases once you contract it..

During out time together we discuss specific “nasal sprays” that are being investigated and can be prescribed and compounded by compounding pharmacists. These nasal sprays prevent infection and may be used by people who need to continue to work jobs of high exposure such as teachers, students and those like Dr. Berkson that have to continue to travel. They are safe even for children.

In addition, Dr. Galland gives the exact formula for a mouth wash you can make at home to help if you get infected.

This show includes an in-depth discussion on how Covid gets into the body, what molecules the protein uses to adhere to ACE receptors, and how “heparin” may be a key in protection from kids to adults.

Heparin is inexpensive, safe and a “heparin nasal spray” is coming commercially within a year, being researched by the University of Massachusetts. We will guide you as to where you can get the specific formula (for free) to your physician to get a script if they agree to it.

Listen In To

Hear an in-depth, scientific discussion on vaccines.

Learn which companies are making the vaccines available for no profit to themselves, what are the differences between the companies, and who is acting in greedy ways and how.

This is a “must-hear” and “must-not miss” show.

Please, pass this show on to help others and our planet as well.

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Go to for the FREE Covid guide (contains the script for your doctor to order the heparin nasal spray) and Covid and Microbiome Guide (to find out which probiotics and gut tests to order).

Link to FREE Covid blog Dr. Berkson wrote in April, published as main article in Townsend Letter In June 2020. The second half of the article provides recommendations of  nutrients and citations. Prophylaxis and in Acute Condition.

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