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The Growing Iatrogenic Epidemic


In medicine, the right hand often doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. You may be taking a drug to deal with an illness or a set of symptoms, but that drug may cause other issues and symptoms. If the link between the first medication and its adverse effects are not recognized, then the adverse effects may be treated as primary problems needing their own medications. You just keep getting more ill and being on more meds. And you end up walking around with a huge question mark over your head. What the heck is happening? The term iatrogenic means [...]

The Growing Iatrogenic Epidemic2019-02-13T11:59:49-06:00

Pancreatic cancer hope


Dr. Burt Berkson, through years of practice and success, has designed a protocol for pancreatic cancer. Dr. Berkson is a specialist in alpha lipoic acid. He and I both authored books for Wiley and they launched at the same time. By mistake we got boxes of each others books as we both lived in New Mexico back then (my book was Healthy Digestion the Natural Way). That's how the fickle finger of fate had me find out about him. I had a friend get diagnosed and told her and her docs. But even though they had no answers for her, they [...]

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Estrone – A Most Maligned Estrogen


Estrogens have had a bad rap for a long time but they are major signaling molecules in the body that have many beneficial and complex activities. There are actually over 60 estrogenic-acting estrogens in the human body, though 3 are the most famous Charlie’s Angel estrogens: Estradiol (the strongest “purest estrogen” that delivers signals to most estrogen receptors), Estriol (a gentler estrogen that sends anti-cancer signals) and, Estrone (known as the bad sister estrogens like the bad sisters in Cinderella, that is more predominantly produced in menopause and is often regarded as a pro-carcinogenic (cancer-causing) estrogen. Are all estrone type estrogens nasty? Maria wrote and asked [...]

Estrone – A Most Maligned Estrogen2019-04-03T10:07:20-05:00

How To Take Antibiotics and Probiotics Wisely


The in’s and out’s that even your doctor or pharmacist might not know   Antibiotics can be good, yet bad. When you get a bacterial infection, antibiotics can be a miracle. They can save lives. However, like all things in this dualistic world, they have two sides: the “light” side that can save your life, and the “shadow” side that can disrupt your health. You should take antibiotics when you need them, but you must know how to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially your children, from potential shadow-side fallout down the road. So how do you stay well after [...]

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Don’t Trust All Medical Headlines – A case for smarter cynics


Today’s state of medicine should make cynics of us all, doctors included. I thought you should realize just how human medicine is and prone to murkiness, mistakes and greed. We should stop treating medicine like it’s the only profession on earth that doesn’t make errors, and as you will read below, sometimes intentionally. An article was published in Medscape called Five Recent Medical News Stories That Invite Cynicism. It’s by Dr. John Mandrola. Some of Dr. Mandrola’s illustrative examples of why we should all be cynical about what health care is delivering are summarized below. It’s my hope these examples help [...]

Don’t Trust All Medical Headlines – A case for smarter cynics2018-08-22T17:47:01-05:00

Everyday Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Disrupt Vitamin D Levels Plus 5 Tips for Pregnant Moms to Protect Unborn Babies


By Berkson Please share! We live in a chemical soup. Every one thing affects everything else. Is this part of the unity that spirituality discusses? Is this what the philosopher Bucky Fuller meant when he referred to our planet as “spaceship earth”, meaning all we DO and ARE affects all of mother earth and you and I who live on it? New research suggests that our chemical soup lowers blood levels of nutrients. This chemical soup especially reduces blood stream levels of your all-important vitamin D. We live in a blend of over 85,000 manufactured chemicals. Many of these are now [...]

Everyday Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Disrupt Vitamin D Levels Plus 5 Tips for Pregnant Moms to Protect Unborn Babies2019-01-23T07:47:44-06:00

Call For Green Pregnancies And Brain Friendly & Unfriendly Fish That Pregnant Women Should Eat Or Avoid


By Berkson There has been a steady trend in the last few decades in which children are developing issues historically seen in seniors. We see obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancers and even anxiety in younger and younger children. And of course, cognitive issues are part of this nasty mix. There is an increasing incidence of attentional issues such as ADHD, Asperger’s Spectrum of Disease and other disorders like impulsivity control and inappropriate anger. Many of these get their start in the womb. This is exactly why planning a pregnancy and strategically detoxing prior to conception, for both parents, is [...]

Call For Green Pregnancies And Brain Friendly & Unfriendly Fish That Pregnant Women Should Eat Or Avoid2018-08-22T18:11:54-05:00

6 Ways To Help Your Brain Fight Aging


The older you get the harder it naturally becomes to put the world around us in order. But the human brain adapts. At the end of this article you'll find 6 steps to help your brain adapt even better. In order to process the massive amount of information you receive daily—and  every day this amount is growing by leaps and bounds—your brain builds file cabinets. Brains categorize into physiologic files. This understanding comes from neuroscientists at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. They looked at the way brains categorize factoids into “cranial files” and how this capacity varies throughout phases of a lifetime. Younger [...]

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Dementia – the gut, endocrine disruptors and detox


Research is showing that some causes of neurodegenerative diseases including dementia start in a good gut gone wrong. Why? The health of the gut and the brain are intimately intertwined. The cells of your gut and brain start out as the exact identical clump of developing fetal cells that divide in half and then travel forward to form the gut and cranial brains. As we move across months, years and time of our lives, each brain continues to bi-directionally influence each other’s vulnerability to wellness or loss of it. In the brain, at the tips of nerve cells (neurons) are specialized [...]

Dementia – the gut, endocrine disruptors and detox2018-08-22T18:31:21-05:00

Steps to Slow Skin Aging & New Science About Soy, Eggs & Skin Protection


Oxygen is essential for life. But it’s high maintenance. It comes at a cost. When we use oxygen during normal cellular functions to keep us alive and kicking, dangerous reactive oxygen species (ROS) also get produced. These cause aging and cancer. This mechanism happens right inside your skin. As you go outside to hike, bike, golf, or paddle board, your skin is exposed to the sun. There is a good news and bad news part of this story. The good news is that your skin then initiates the rather multi-stepped process of production of vitamin D. This helps you absorb nutrients, [...]

Steps to Slow Skin Aging & New Science About Soy, Eggs & Skin Protection2018-08-10T20:19:45-05:00


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