New Ways To Sleep Better – Especially After 40


There are two planets, one where you get a great night’s sleep and feel phenomenal the next day. And a second where you can’t get a good night’s sleep, and your tomorrow feels like trudging through molasses. In modern life, it’s easier to end up on planet number two. Healthy sleep is under continual attack, and threats against achieving a restorative night’s sleep keep mounting. Today’s sleep gets mugged in many ways: By chronic daily stressors, like tending aging parents or having kids who announce they want to change their genders, or from single severe traumas—such as tornadoes and wildfires to [...]

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Magnesium: A Simple Fix For Depression?


What if your complex health problem had a simple fix? This can happen more than you might think, but our health care system, and even our own thinking, is often not on alert to look for the simple answers. Magnesium might be a key to solving your depression.  When you have a health issue, finding out what’s wrong is the most critical step of fixing it. This is referred to as finding “root cause.” In today’s health care, the step-by-step process of searching for the main cause of your suffering is often replaced by a focus on symptoms, costly testing and [...]

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Are you on Valium or Xanax, a little here and there as you need it?


Well, how are your bones? Not only do some of these meds erode bone, they can create sensations of being “off balance” and increase the risk of falls resulting in fractures (as our bones get thinner, we get shakier). Anxiety is awful and it’s understandable to use meds to feel less anxious. But how anxious would you be if you knew that some of these meds promote bone thinning? Kind of like deja vu; something you wished never happened and you don’t want to feel it’s true. Many active central nervous system drugs can affect and alter postural balance, which increases [...]

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Chromium, zinc, and magnesium are involved in insulin signaling and how the body deals with sugar. They promote helpful defense against adverse oxidation, for example, from tissue damage from high blood sugars. In this study review, blood levels of trace elements (especially magnesium and zinc) were found to be lower in type-1 human diabetes patients than in controls. They were even lower in type 1-diabetes patients with poor glycemic control (hard to control blood sugar levels). Animal studies in the past have repeatedly shown that chromium and magnesium supplementation stopped diabetes-induced complications and improved blood sugar control. When is the last [...]




The more magnesium inside your brain the better you think. All magnesium helps some (eat your greens but also digest them). But most magnesium has trouble crossing the blood-brain barrier. Magnesium threonate can go from your systemic blood to your brain intimate blood. But it is not best for other tissue demands of magnesium. Best magnesium supplementation is individualized for you from diverse sources and even delivery modes. Work with an experienced nutritional practitioner that can also assess your microbiome and digestive enzyme status, all needing to be on board for optimal magnesium absorption on all levels. Expert Opin Ther Targets. [...]


Magnesium is Nature’s Valium by Berkson


Having adequate magnesium inside your cells (intracellular)—where this mineral does it's magic—helps you have less headaches, back pain, insomnia and even heal faster when injured. Most blood tests test extracellular magnesium, but only 1% of magnesium is outside the cell. You have to get a specific intracellular blood test to know if you are deficient in this mineral, or not. But by numerous National Surveys, a majority of Americans are lacking in magnesium. Is this one major contributor to us buying pain pills, sleeping pills and muscle relaxants by the truckloads? Where do we get most of our magnesium? Greens. The [...]

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Don’t Reach for Acetaminophen but Magnesium Instead


Caution Acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol (and by the trade name Tylenol™), is found to have “more risks” than previously thought, especially at the high end of the standard recommended dosage stated on the label. And perhaps even at lower standard dosages if you take it along with certain supplements. Caution is now the watchword. More side effects of drugs we have come to respect and use with a “sense of safety” come to light daily. And at the same time we are made to be more fearful of nutrients, herbs and diets, when often, not always, they have a better [...]

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