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Estrogen’s Vindication (#158)


Dr. Berkson speaks on the “re-analysis” of the Women’s Health Initiative - a 19-year follow-up - presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium on December 13, 2019. (* See abstract below for details). In this show, estrogen gets a “reframe”. You learn: How estrogen protects against breast cancer incidence How estrogen protects against all-cause mortality (death from all causes). How estrogen protects many tissues, especially our energy organelles: mitochondria. You learn how best to take estrogen therapy, optimal timing of initiation, benefits, and theories as to why estrogen is breast cancer protective more than breast cancer dangerous. Did you [...]

Estrogen’s Vindication (#158)2020-02-15T09:08:11-06:00

Hormone Balancing Guru – Flipping-50 Expert -Debra Atkinson (#153)


Debra Atkinson is in amazing buffed shape at 55 years of age. She has trained half a million women, who are part of her community, how to exercise for less time with bigger benefits.    Debra has designed specific exercise techniques that are very easy to follow, to “treat” bad estrogen dominance, elevated androgens, and more! Debra is called the Hormone Balancing Fitness Expert —specializing in exercise, foods and mindfulness to help women over 50 be their very best. In this show you will learn how to: Best warm up and warm down. Do shorter and smarter hi intensity interval [...]

Hormone Balancing Guru – Flipping-50 Expert -Debra Atkinson (#153)2019-11-08T17:22:31-06:00

Hormones After 50 With Gynecologist Jack Monaco (#111)


    Dr. Jack Monaco is a board certified OB/GYN, anti-aging functional medicine MD along with a masters in nutrition. Dr. Berkson and Dr. Monaco were lecturing together at PCCA, sponsor of symposiums for pharmacists, MDs and NPs. It was a meeting of the minds immediately. This is a must-not miss show that will arm you with knowledge and hormone power. You get “in on” a masterful dialogue on hormones that will answers many of your questions! Dr. Jack is known for downloading complex information rapidly, making it very easy and very entertaining to grasp. As well as making it easy [...]

Hormones After 50 With Gynecologist Jack Monaco (#111)2019-09-06T13:48:04-05:00

Menopause & Estrogen – Ten Issues & Ten Natural Answers (#106)


      There are ten common issues patients identify with menopause:  1. Resistant Weight Gain 2. Insomnia 3. Hot flashes 4. Fatigue 5. Brain mood cognition perception of life 6. Brand new issues including skin problems 7. Gut issues 8. Genitourinary issues – leaking, dryness of vaginal and painful intercourse 9.  Libido 10. Joint pain In this episode, you will learn: What estrogen has to do with fat cell genes, mass and weight loss. Low estrogen + menopause + hormone altering chemicals is a recipe for resistant fat, and what to do about it. Hormones, appetite, weight control and metabolic [...]

Menopause & Estrogen – Ten Issues & Ten Natural Answers (#106)2019-06-28T14:41:01-05:00

Estrogen + Exercise + Fish Oil Regenerates Your Heart!


This post explores how estrogen, exercise and fish oil regenerate your heart and keep it younger and healthier for years to come. You have heard the term “have heart,” which means to have faith and hope. But how do you regenerate and protect your actual heart muscle itself? Since heart disease is a major cause of illness and death as we age, you are going to want to listen up. Did you know that as of 2013, the leading cause of death in BOTH genders was heart disease. More people die of heart disease than all cancers. Death by heart disease often [...]

Estrogen + Exercise + Fish Oil Regenerates Your Heart!2019-06-28T14:41:04-05:00

What Air And Sitting Do To Your Hormones And 4 Strategies to Protect Your Estrogens.


Hormones don’t just go “south” from stress, poor food choices, or genetic bad luck. They are affected by what you inhale. And how long you sit. Even in your teen-age daughter or your sweet old granny. I recently did an amazing show with Dave Asprey from BulletProof  on hormones and the environment. Listen to it here. Air pollution exposures and lack of exercise have historically been linked to heart and lung disease. But now, both air pollution and excessive sitting are being scientifically shown, to adversely affect your estrogens. Gynecologic science has known that hormones rule reproductive and menstrual health or [...]

What Air And Sitting Do To Your Hormones And 4 Strategies to Protect Your Estrogens.2019-02-06T13:13:55-06:00

Birth Control Hormones Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer And More!


(updated 2/2019) Enemies Towards Your Breasts Did you know that birth control pills and other contraceptive methods that use synthetic hormones, could be enemies toward your breasts? Women take birth control pills (or hormonal IUDs and shots) the world over. Providers hand out hormonal contraception scripts like M&M’s. Thus, we assume they’re safe (as do many of our providers). But research from the mid 1970’s onward is showing this is not necessarily true. On one hand, birth control pills may be helpful and protective for some conditions. For example, the use of the pill reduces the risk of certain cancers, such [...]

Birth Control Hormones Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer And More!2019-02-24T16:51:16-06:00

What’s in your chicken? How non-organic chicken contributes to hormonal issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome, breast cancer and more!


What’s in your chicken? How non-organic chicken is contributing to hormonal issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome, breast cancer and more. So you’re trying to eat less red meat, and in doing so you are eating more chicken. You eat out often, so you order salads with chicken, or chicken and veggies, and you think that you’re doing good things for your body and health. You may get lunch several times a week at Whole Foods. You assume the chicken at the salad bar is completely healthy, because, hey, it’s Whole Foods! Think again! You are what you eat. Chickens are what [...]

What’s in your chicken? How non-organic chicken contributes to hormonal issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome, breast cancer and more!2019-02-05T13:14:26-06:00

The Unjustified Fear Of Estrogen


Hearing about estrogen replacement, many women unconsciously cover their breasts with their arms. The word “estrogen” makes them think of the “enemy”— breast cancer. Scientists and doctors often feel the same way. This is understandable as a large body of data supports the widely recognized ways that estrogen can “fuel the fire” of estrogen-positive breast cancer cells. But it’s not the whole and accurate estrogen story. A shifting paradigm about the complex terrain of estrogens is showing that sometimes estrogens can prevent breast cancer, and sometimes even help treat breast cancer. Did you know estrogen has been used to treat breast [...]

The Unjustified Fear Of Estrogen2019-04-03T10:06:58-05:00

Estrone – A Most Maligned Estrogen


Estrogens have had a bad rap for a long time but they are major signaling molecules in the body that have many beneficial and complex activities. There are actually over 60 estrogenic-acting estrogens in the human body, though 3 are the most famous Charlie’s Angel estrogens: Estradiol (the strongest “purest estrogen” that delivers signals to most estrogen receptors), Estriol (a gentler estrogen that sends anti-cancer signals) and, Estrone (known as the bad sister estrogens like the bad sisters in Cinderella, that is more predominantly produced in menopause and is often regarded as a pro-carcinogenic (cancer-causing) estrogen. Are all estrone type estrogens nasty? Maria wrote and asked [...]

Estrone – A Most Maligned Estrogen2019-04-03T10:07:20-05:00