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We Are What We Eat – Berkson Blogette (#6)


We Are What We Eat If you eat too much, you are too much. Remember, the bigger your waist line the smaller your brain! Why? Gut fat releases molecules that cross the blood brain barrier and inflame and shrink your brain tissue. Watch your portion sizes (eat off of smaller plates/no more second helpings) and ditch the obesogenic junk food (eat organic foods whenever you can)! It is important for the whole family to develop better, more mindful eating habits. Practice hara hachi bu, I explain this in my book Retraining Your Tongue (available on Amazon). Here is a scary fact, [...]

We Are What We Eat – Berkson Blogette (#6)2020-01-05T10:07:11-06:00

Dr. Berkson’s “Bits & Pieces”: Leaky Gut & Food (#136)


This is a power packed one-hour show with Dr. Berkson. In this show you will learn: The controversies and science of leaky gut. Which conditions are definitively linked, and which are possibly linked? Nutrients and hormones that heal. Tight junctions and adhesive proteins. Protein that disassembles: zonulin. Endurance exercise, NSAIDs and pregnancy and leaky gut. Food has been in the scientific journals this week, so you will hear about: Mediterranean-Style diet and its effects on brain cortical thickness. Foods linked to increased risk of cancers and foods that are protective White vs. Red meat vs. plant-based foods’ effects on cholesterol. Ultra-processed [...]

Dr. Berkson’s “Bits & Pieces”: Leaky Gut & Food (#136)2019-09-06T09:43:21-05:00

Flaxseeds -Good or Bad for Your Breasts and Hormones? (#118)


A fan wrote Dr. Berkson a note stating that certain health gurus on the Internet were warning against flaxseeds, especially for high-risk women. So she asked if Dr. Berkson could do a show on flaxseeds? This show is the answer to that question.Dr. Berkson tackles the science and safety of flaxseeds head on, and gives you a complete picture of the question: To flax or not to flax?”You also learn what flaxseeds offer for those of us carrying a little extra weight.Guest Resources & Links We would be so appreciative if you would share the podcast on your social media channels. Please [...]

Flaxseeds -Good or Bad for Your Breasts and Hormones? (#118)2019-06-28T14:40:56-05:00

Weight Loss- A Radical Effective Way with Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman (#113)


  Dr. Ann is a best-selling author that has yet another best-selling book. It's her 35th book, called Radical Metabolism: A Powerful New Plan to Blast Fat and Reignite Your Energy in Just 21 Days Hardcover. You will hear about the “good” omega 6 fatty acids, what the gallbladder has to do with your thyroid, why bitters are better, what is omega-7 fatty acid and why should you care, and a new 21-day program to get difficult losers shedding pounds fast and safely. Don’t miss learning cutting-edge nutritional, weight loss and detox info. Learn what bile has to do with fat soluble [...]

Weight Loss- A Radical Effective Way with Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman (#113)2020-02-20T14:46:47-06:00

A2 Milk: What YOU Should Know About It As It’s Coming To Your Grocery Stores Soon


A new milk is coming. It’s called A2 milk, a substitute for conventional milk. You ought to know about it. It launched in New Zealand twenty years ago, but it’s headed your way soon. First off, did you even know there was an A1 and A2 milk?   Getting the names straight Cow’s milk protein is called beta-casein. It comes, these days, in several “genetic variants”: BC (beta-casein) A1, referred to as BCA1 or A1 milk. BC (beta-casein) A2, referred to as BCA2 or A2 milk. (1) When and how these variants came on the scene: Approximately 800 years ago, cows [...]

A2 Milk: What YOU Should Know About It As It’s Coming To Your Grocery Stores Soon2020-02-20T14:47:28-06:00

Dame Judy Collins on Conquering Food Addiction (#109)


    Grammy winning musician, activist and author Judy Collins shares how she conquered her “food addiction” and maintains a stellar figure and career at age 79! Judy Collins has influenced the world through her music.  If you’re a boomer you might remember Judy’s rendition of  “Both Sides Now” from her album, Wildflowers. That recording resides in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Her version of “Send in the Clowns” also won "Song of the Year” at the Grammies. That was 1975.  Judy is still going strong. She’s almost 80—but move over Jane Fonda—her career is more than robust and totally envious. She travels [...]

Dame Judy Collins on Conquering Food Addiction (#109)2019-06-28T14:41:00-05:00

Funky Food with Sarica Cernohous (#88)


      Today I am talking about fermented & predigested options and healthy food strategies with Sarica Cernohous. She is a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor, Wellness Strategist and best selling author of The Funky Kitchen, and its accompanying online course, “Fresh, Fun and Flavorful in The Funky Kitchen.” Sarica guides people toward developing an enhanced and individualized understanding of how to eat in harmony with their constitution (body/mind/spiritual makeup) and to stay well or get well from disease and stress. Sarica and Dr. Berkson engage in a lively discussion on what is fermented food, what is “authentic” or “fake” fermented [...]

Funky Food with Sarica Cernohous (#88)2019-07-31T11:04:24-05:00

Food Mood and Thanksgiving (#84)


  As fate would have it, Thanksgiving this year (2017) overlaps with my dear colleague Kiran Ram’s amazing Food and Mood Project. So I decided to do a show and write a blog on food and mood. A History of Thanksgiving: The very 1st Thanksgiving Day occurred in the year 1621. It was a three-day festival held by pilgrims celebrating their blessings of the harvest. They invited Indians. Indians donated five deer, so venison was on the dinner table menu, and there wasn’t any turkey. There were also no pumpkin pies or potatoes as they hadn’t yet been introduced into the [...]

Food Mood and Thanksgiving (#84)2019-06-28T14:41:16-05:00

Food Rules Mood


Food is a necessity of life. It keeps us alive. It sustains us. It’s pleasure you can receive without the muss and fuss of another human. But food also has some shadowy slopes. In fact food can sometimes be downright dangerous. Food can create a filter—good or bad—through which you perceive your world. Your choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even your portion sizes, can make or break your mood. For example, your menu choices and amounts can contribute to calm and contentment or to anxiety and debilitating depression. Food is powerful. Appreciation of the relationship between food and mood [...]

Food Rules Mood2019-06-28T14:41:16-05:00

A web of evidence for a vicious circle of fat. 15 Sophisticated & Effective Steps to Break this Cycle.


Life often manifests as circles. One thing leading to another. Who would have thought that there might be a circle surrounding mindfulness, brain size, appetite regulation, and belly fat? But there is. Let me present a web of scientific evidence that shows that “mindfulness” plays a significant role in being able to control the portion size of what you choose to eat. More mindfulness, less belly fat. The opposite also holds true. More fat, less mindfulness (not in all, but in many). The bigger the belly fat, the smaller the brain volume (even in children); less mindful awareness, due to the [...]

A web of evidence for a vicious circle of fat. 15 Sophisticated & Effective Steps to Break this Cycle.2019-04-03T10:02:37-05:00