Radical Aging with Dr. Ann Gittleman (#217)


We are judged by our age. Recently, science has shown that those that “feel younger” longer have less inflammation, cognitive decline, severe diseases and achieve longer lives.Listen in to learn from the first lady of nutrition, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, all about the specific anti-aging steps in her latest book, Radical Longevity.

Radical Aging with Dr. Ann Gittleman (#217)2021-07-28T16:02:13-05:00

Super Human: Aging Backwards with Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey


You know how the old saying that the “Two Inevitables” are taxes and aging? Well, what if aging, at least as we know it, wasn’t a given? This show, with one of the world’s experts on anti-aging. Dave Asprey,  is a super dynamic interview about extending your life. Dave is a genius, agile thinker and you get to hear his effective, distinctive array of science-based anti-aging tools. Dave Asprey has used specific nutrients and off-label use of medications, to pull himself back from being a 300 lb. extremely unhealthy younger male, to now being a middle-aged much more youthful dynamic incomparable [...]

Super Human: Aging Backwards with Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey2020-05-19T10:05:51-05:00

Functional Cardiology with Mark Houston, MD (#129)


Come join guest Dr. Mark Houston who will take you on a journey of your heart health that will leave you spellbound.Dr. Houston has been training medical doctors in functional cardiology for over 30 years including lecturing for A4M, the Anti-Aging Certification Course for MDs. Dr. Houston and Dr. Berkson are colleagues, they lecture together, they are friends, and Dr. Mark is also Dr. Lindsey's doc!As a renowned “iconic functional cardiologist”, Dr. Mark Houston is looking deeper under the “hood” of your heart than most heart or even hypertension doctors ever would. He has been in practice for 44 years bringing together the best [...]

Functional Cardiology with Mark Houston, MD (#129)2019-09-06T13:40:00-05:00

Thyroid and Iodine with Dr. David Brownstein (#123)


David Brownstein, M.D. is a board-certified family physician who combines conventional with alternative therapies.  He is the Medical Director for the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, MI.  Dr. Brownstein has lectured internationally to physicians and the public about his success in using natural hormones and nutritional therapies in his practice. He and Dr. Berkson are graduates of the University of Michigan. In this show you’ll learn: Why regular medicine isn’t enough and how and why Dr. Brownstein changed his practice. Why salt is good and which ones are best. Where iodine “lives” in the body and how it protects [...]

Thyroid and Iodine with Dr. David Brownstein (#123)2019-09-06T09:46:49-05:00

MANopause – Male Hormones After 40 (#112)


  There is a documented epidemic of low testosterone (T) in males, even young males. Insufficient T is not only linked to erectile dysfunction, it is being reproducibly linked to dying prematurely (losing a few years off your life) from diverse causes, referred to as all-cause mortality. Sufficient levels of T, often higher than the lower end of most lab reference ranges, prevents a long list of serious illnesses such as cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and Type-2 Diabetes. One of the first symptoms of insufficient T is low energy. This is because testosterone protects mitochondria, the energy production [...]

MANopause – Male Hormones After 40 (#112)2019-10-02T14:52:14-05:00

Why Do We Hate Older Women and Three Steps To Stop It!


Our mothers raise us. They create “home.” We love them and they love us. Yet, these sacrificing and serving beings, once they start to age, get discarded culturally. Not in Europe. Not in Vietnam. Not in India. But right here in the good ole USA. Discrimination against aging women has now been well proven and discussed in multiple academic studies and legal reviews. It’s a reality spanning multiple life genres: in romance, in the workplace, and even in geriatric medicine by some gerontologists (too many of whom use the term “granny-bashing” but not “grandpa-bashing”). Female ageism is pervasive. Nobody wants to [...]

Why Do We Hate Older Women and Three Steps To Stop It!2019-06-28T14:40:59-05:00

Hormones After 50 With Gynecologist Jack Monaco (#111)


    Dr. Jack Monaco is a board certified OB/GYN, anti-aging functional medicine MD along with a masters in nutrition. Dr. Berkson and Dr. Monaco were lecturing together at PCCA, sponsor of symposiums for pharmacists, MDs and NPs. It was a meeting of the minds immediately. This is a must-not miss show that will arm you with knowledge and hormone power. You get “in on” a masterful dialogue on hormones that will answers many of your questions! Dr. Jack is known for downloading complex information rapidly, making it very easy and very entertaining to grasp. As well as making it easy [...]

Hormones After 50 With Gynecologist Jack Monaco (#111)2019-09-06T13:48:04-05:00

10 Signs Your Brain is Aging Rapidly and How to Reverse It


There are now several replicated studies from prestigious labs around the world showing that brain tissue in children under 10 years of age, in cities with high levels of pollution, are exhibiting early Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonian-like changes. These altered brain tissues show signs of unhealthy inflammation, misshapen proteins, and are looking more like the old brains of cognitively declined seniors than of kids. Our brain is at the top of our physiological pyramid. Yet, we often don’t think about it unless we have issues with it. Our brains can have one of two problems: “Out loud” issues. This means our problems [...]

10 Signs Your Brain is Aging Rapidly and How to Reverse It2019-04-03T10:03:23-05:00

Female Ageism, “Mind Bugs”, and What To Do About Them (#54)


Discrimination Against WomenToday's show takes a hard look at female ageism. Discrimination against aging women in romance, the market place and the good old USA, is rampant. Nobody makes a big issue that President Trump started up his relationship with Melania when he was 52 and she was 28. But if a woman did that, boy would she and the younger dude get hit with a tonnage of criticism. Women are judged on their looks. Older men want younger women who look better. Corporations want younger female employees that look good, too.Fact is FactMaturing women are the fastest growing demographic in the [...]

Female Ageism, “Mind Bugs”, and What To Do About Them (#54)2019-09-06T10:19:58-05:00

7 Ways to Protect Your Brain (#45)


Protect Your Brain Gila CellsDr. Berkson shares science-based steps to protect the glia cells in your brain that "feed" and "protect" brain and central nervous system nerves (neurons). If glia cells age, we age. Protecting glia cells is demonstrated to slow down brain aging, which is the real deal in achieving effective anti-aging. Berkson goes through what glia cells are, how they have been identified in corpse research to protect the brain as they do. She shares exact steps you can add into your daily life to keep your brain healthier, younger and more cognitively fit by care-taking these brain-supportive cells. [...]

7 Ways to Protect Your Brain (#45)2019-07-30T08:26:07-05:00
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