Your Brain & Today’s Chaotic World (#187)


Watch it on YouTube here Interview with Neuroscientist Shonte’ Jovan Taylor Your Brain Your relationship with your brain rules every aspect of life. Yet, in today’s world, rife with emotional and pollutional toxicity, it’s way too easy to be ruled by your brain, rather than you being in charge. “Brain hygiene” plays a prominent role in everyday world-life interactions and perceptions. This includes work, relationships and even cultural perceptions such as politics and inter-racial justice.  In this show you will learn: What part of your brain responds with fear. How to better control your “reactive” fearful brain. Who [...]

Your Brain & Today’s Chaotic World (#187)2020-09-01T09:08:35-05:00

Clean Labels Project – My Opinion


The following is not shocking news, it is old news, but what are YOU doing about it? The Study: The Clean Label Project, a nonprofit advocating for transparent labeling, tested baby food, infant formulas, toddler drinks and snacks purchased within the past 5 months. The group, which did not publish findings in a peer-reviewed journal, looked at top-selling formulas and baby food using Nielsen data, and also included emerging national brands. After about 530 baby food products were tested, researchers found 65% of products tested positive for arsenic, 36% for lead, 58% for cadmium and 10% for acrylamide. All of these [...]

Clean Labels Project – My Opinion2019-10-18T10:06:41-05:00

Pomegranates, Cholesterol, Hormones & Cancer


Pomegranates are as close to a miracle food as Mother Nature gets. Pomegranates protect your heart, safeguard your estrogens, “sensitize” insulin receptors better than many diabetic drugs without nasty side effects, slow down aging, and fight cancer. A pomegranate a day keeps the Mack truck of disease away! My grandmother often said, in her very thick Russian accent, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true.” This does not seem to be the case with these juicy purple fruits and kernels (arils).   Pomegranates fight against lots of bad stuff.  Anti-inflammatory Anti-oxidant Anti-bad [...]

Pomegranates, Cholesterol, Hormones & Cancer2019-06-28T14:40:44-05:00

Alzheimer’s disease: treatment for reversal and prevention with Dr. Dale Bredesen (#135)


A mind is like a parachute. It works best when open. But what if your mind is closing down? This show is about cognitive decline, one of the worst cases being Alzheimer’s disease, with an interview of the scientist and medical neurologist who is successfully reversing and preventing this brain disease and keeping parachutes open - Dr. Dale Bredesen. In this extraordinary show you will hear from the doctor who has published 226 peer review articles on the brain and dementia: What are the 5 sub-types of Alzheimer’s disease? Why do most Alzheimer meds fail? How 1500 doctors trained in Bredesen’s [...]

Alzheimer’s disease: treatment for reversal and prevention with Dr. Dale Bredesen (#135)2020-03-19T14:07:27-05:00

How and Why to Get Your “Happy” On (#120)


People want to be happy. Why? Science is showing that happy people live longer and have better health. But getting your “happy on” leans on your physical, emotional and cognitive habits.  In this show Dr. Berkson discusses: How to cultivate happy. Why peace is more sustainable and desirable than happy. In this show you’ll learn what do to become more peaceful and congruent inside your body suit. Dr. Berkson’s explores the science showing that happiness and optimism effect health issues like breast cancer and high blood pressure. Did you know there is World Happiness Report 2017, sponsored by the NIH? It names Norway the world’s happiest [...]

How and Why to Get Your “Happy” On (#120)2019-06-28T14:40:55-05:00

Want to be a “Game Changer” and win at life? Dr. Berkson’s Interview with Bulletproof’s AMAZING Dave Asprey!


I love Dave Asprey. So does much of the world. We always wait in anticipation of his newest book. A few weeks ago Dave wrote me that he referenced my work and our podcast together in Game Changers: What Leaders & Mavericks Do to Win at Life. He wanted to know if I would pass on this, his latest greatest book, with you, my tribe? So, Dave and I got together for quick chat. Here is our interview on how to make the changes in your life you long to make, in this New Year! Enjoy!   Why did you write [...]

Want to be a “Game Changer” and win at life? Dr. Berkson’s Interview with Bulletproof’s AMAZING Dave Asprey!2019-02-06T12:45:07-06:00

Microbiomes, Breast Milk Biomes, Breast Cancer Biomes & Biome Cross-Talk (#110)


  Today’s show explores your microbiomes, difference between breast biomes that "live" in a breast with cancer versus healthy breast tissue, and even how pollution can attack these microbes. You will learn how to "test" and "caretake" your precious biomes. You’ll also learn how Pollution Attacks Your Biomes and what you can do about it.  Inside the human body are nooks and crannies, called biomes, teeming with microbial life that includes viruses, bacteria and fungi.  We have “biomes” throughout our entire body. We have biomes in our eyes (the ocular biome), mouth (oral biome), in our esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon [...]

Microbiomes, Breast Milk Biomes, Breast Cancer Biomes & Biome Cross-Talk (#110)2020-02-20T14:48:11-06:00

JJ Virgin “Warrior Mom Heals Head Trauma” (#102)


      This is a perfect Mother’s Day podcast. This show is about a “never-giving-up mom on rhoids”—JJ Virgin. JJ Virgin’s son was in a serious accident and endured an extremely severe head trauma. Her son Grant was literally fighting for his life. The doctors declared that there was hardly any chance of surviving let alone him ever being “normal” again. JJ did not give-up. She dug deep and in this riveting interview you hear how she did that. JJ describes how she creates hope inside herself, when there doesn’t seem to be any. You will hear the exact nutraceuticals [...]

JJ Virgin “Warrior Mom Heals Head Trauma” (#102)2019-06-28T14:41:03-05:00

Love, Your Brain, and Life (#95)


    Romantic love—we can’t live with it and we can’t live without it. As humans we are very open both to great love and to great sorrow. We are built for monogamous love as well as for cheating. How we straddle the enormous divide between the drive to mate and the drive for independence varies with each of us, influenced by societal norms and even public health issues, like the hormone-altering-chemicals found in plastics and heavy metals. Is the drive to love so deeply wired that it’s safe from outside toxicities, or might environmental pollution be changing our brains and [...]

Love, Your Brain, and Life (#95)2022-02-14T18:58:21-06:00

Guns & Anger. Is hormone disruption part of America’s problem? (#94)


  Berkson tackles the rise of anger and violence in America: the debates, the second amendment controversies, the consensus, why we haven’t heard from the CDC and the surgeon general, and what might junk food and ‘hormone altering chemicals' have to do with it? This is a riveting and heartfelt dialogue that needs to be heard, pondered and shared.   Related Resources There is also a blog on Guns, Anger & Hormone Disruption with the scientific citations. Read it here. No Time for Mindfulness? How to Fit it in. Go to for free gifts and Dr. Berkson’s latest book on brain health [...]

Guns & Anger. Is hormone disruption part of America’s problem? (#94)2019-06-28T14:41:07-05:00
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