Safe Gardening & Yards: Glyphosate Danger & 14 Glyphosate Facts


It's a good good idea to avoid glyphosate (RoundUp) even at home. It’s spring so be mindful of what you and your neighbors use “around” your homes as it gets “into” your homes and into your bodies.  I belong to a community of health professionals, called MindShare that supports each other in serving the consciousness of the planet on safety and human health. Recently, one member posted a comment that her gardener boyfriend wanted to use RoundUp on weeds close to their home, and didn’t think there was any science that backed up adverse issues with this small amount of personal [...]

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What Air And Sitting Do To Your Hormones And 4 Strategies to Protect Your Estrogens.


Hormones don’t just go “south” from stress, poor food choices, or genetic bad luck. They are affected by what you inhale. And how long you sit. Even in your teen-age daughter or your sweet old granny. I recently did an amazing show with Dave Asprey from BulletProof  on hormones and the environment. Listen to it here. Air pollution exposures and lack of exercise have historically been linked to heart and lung disease. But now, both air pollution and excessive sitting are being scientifically shown, to adversely affect your estrogens. Gynecologic science has known that hormones rule reproductive and menstrual health or [...]

What Air And Sitting Do To Your Hormones And 4 Strategies to Protect Your Estrogens.2019-02-06T13:13:55-06:00

Your Son’s Brain & Emotions Are Under Toxic Attack


(My Cul-de-Sac’s Sad but True Pyrethroid Story) by Dr. Lindsey Berkson I called my next-door neighbor in my tight neighborly cul-de-sac, Charette Cove North, to ask Beth for the name of their bug guy that she said used only natural products. Tall burly Gerald came over wearing a clean shirt that had printed over the chest pocket, “Natural Answers for Nasty Bugs.” What were these natural answers? Pyrethroids. Gerald explained these were safe natural versions of extracts of the Chrysanthemum plant’s own bug-fighting pyrethrins. The natural flower extract kills bugs, and Gerald proudly exclaimed that this version was completely natural, safe, [...]

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The Air You Breathe Is “On-Fire”


5 Steps To Protect Yourself by Berkson The environment is now a major part of our health issues. To trek from doctor’s office to doctor’s office looking for solutions to your health problems, without addressing your environment, is sticking your head in the sand and could be preventing you from getting or staying well. Many of us live under urban “Pigpen” clouds. In the air, although you cannot see it, is a fine particulate matter that you inhale. That cloud of tiny particles hammers your respiratory health and adversely affects your intestinal lining and brain tissue. So part of being healthy, [...]

The Air You Breathe Is “On-Fire”2020-02-25T12:59:16-06:00

Dr. Stephanie Seneff (#44)


    Listen: Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, explores the intersection between biology and computation, with an emphasis on human health and the environment. In this episode Dr. Seneff and I discuss how toxic chemicals such as pesticides cause micro-nutrient deficiencies, which make us manganese deficient which then promotes mitochondrial dysfunction, autism and even cognitive decline. Dr. S. goes into detail on how glyphosphates (Roundup) are a pivotal cause in the rise of autism spectrum, gluten issues, Rheumatoid Arthritis, ALS, and even supports a new perspective of adverse consequences of vaccines. She explains [...]

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Shadow Side Of Bone Broth (Our Environment Is Part Of Our Food)


The power of food can go either way, good or bad. Even with great intentions. Take bone broth for example. Many practitioners have been recommending bone broth to improve immune function, heal gut wall health and deliver all kinds of beneficial nutrients. But there can be issues that we didn’t plan on, not due to the benefits of the food, but because of the toxic environment, the food comes from. The environment is part of our food. Bones store lead, as well as other heavy metals. When cooked, these metals are released, even from organic bones. All bones, even organic bones, [...]

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Pollution Causing Leaky Brain & Gut (even in kids) and 9 Steps to Protect Your Family


Back Copy. Dr. Walter Crinnion is a leader in the field of environmental medicine. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 21 years ago, secondary to a drug my mother was prescribed while pregnant with me (given to millions of other pregnant moms for over 36 years), part of my healing was to go get tested and detoxed at Walter’s then state-of-the art clinic. Dr. Crinnion went on to be an environmental professor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe. He started the Crinnion Opinion (I love that name) to update docs about the environment and their patients. And [...]

Pollution Causing Leaky Brain & Gut (even in kids) and 9 Steps to Protect Your Family2019-02-18T11:46:18-06:00

Solvents, Fertility, Cancer, and Home Safety


Solvents are nasty and pretty much everywhere. At home. At work. The chemicals – benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene – are ubiquitous. I warned about them in Hormone Deception 15 years ago.Today in Environmental Health News they have been officially dubbed endocrine disruptors, even at the "every day low levels" we are ALL exposed to. Especially at HOME. HOME is not just where the HEARTH is – but where the SOLVENTS are. Many health problems like asthma, low birth weights, faulty sperm and infertility, heart disease, preterm births, liver and kidney disease, and even cancer – can be rooted in early [...]

Solvents, Fertility, Cancer, and Home Safety2019-02-14T13:58:30-06:00


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