New Ways To Sleep Better – Especially After 40


There are two planets, one where you get a great night’s sleep and feel phenomenal the next day. And a second where you can’t get a good night’s sleep, and your tomorrow feels like trudging through molasses. In modern life, it’s easier to end up on planet number two. Healthy sleep is under continual attack, and threats against achieving a restorative night’s sleep keep mounting. Today’s sleep gets mugged in many ways: By chronic daily stressors, like tending aging parents or having kids who announce they want to change their genders, or from single severe traumas—such as tornadoes and wildfires to [...]

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Sleep – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (#114)


Assault on Sleep In contemporary life, there are a growing number of assaults on restorative sleep. But insomnia can be very difficult to fix. Sleeping pills are linked to dying earlier from diverse causes and many natural solutions lose their effectiveness over time. Thus, it’s critical to have a large tool bag of natural answers. Plus, nothing works for everyone. And sometimes, sleep issues aren’t the issue, but rather a flashing red light suggesting a hidden underlying disease. Sleep is complex. This show will help you get unconfused. You’ll learn about a large number of natural aids, lifestyle tips, as [...]

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About “Natural” Progesterone


Dr. Berkson’s Birthday and Holiday Gift to protect your breasts and brains of those you love! Everything you ever wanted to know about natural progesterone… Progesterone is now regarded as so breast protective that there’s a scientific call to add it to breast cancer medications like Tamoxifen! It also promotes brain and sleep health in both men and women and works with Vitamin D to reduce inflammation in the nervous system and brain. Part 1 — Introduction to A Growing Understanding of Progesterone What is progesterone? Progesterone is a hormone. Its name comes from “pro”— meaning to support, and “gest” — [...]

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How we sleep may affect our perception of gratitude!


Wow, this is a real body/mind/hormones study.  How we sleep affects how we see ourselves and how others perceive us. Groundbreaking research showed that poor sleep makes our heart feel poorly, so we experience or perceive less gratitude. Other new studies also suggest that giving time and money to others makes us feel healthier, wealthier, and happier, and may improve our sleep. It seems that how we sleep affects our perception of how we live, and vice versa. We’re all connected. As above, so below; from sleep to sleep affects how we move through our world and attract what comes our [...]

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Sleep Performance Anxiety


Sleep For years I have been calming down patient’s fears about sleep. Experts insist they must have 8 solid hours of sleep or they are doomed to ill health. But anthropologists have been studying traditional cultures and seeing that very healthy people can sleep in very different patterns, or for less hours, and do just fine. This October 2015, here is yet another study published in Cell Biology by UC Berkley. It shows that three traditional native societies get an average of 6.5 hours sleep a night, and stay healthy and have lots of energy and stable weight. It is not [...]

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