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Dr. Zach Bush is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country. His expertise is in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care yet, besides medical science, Dr. Bush has now focused his research and spirit toward the planet and it’s link with the human gut. Dr. Bush started out designing chemotherapy drugs and now formulates nutraceuticals that can overcome ubiquitous toxins, such as his revolutionary liquid gut product: “Restore”. In this show you join in on a dynamic dialogue that inspires you to rethink how we occupy this precious planet we all share. Dr. Bush’s new research [...]

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE WITH DR. ZACH BUSH MD (#131)2019-06-28T14:40:47-05:00

Microbiomes, Breast Milk Biomes, Breast Cancer Biomes & Biome Cross-Talk (#110)


  Today’s show explores your microbiomes, difference between breast biomes that "live" in a breast with cancer versus healthy breast tissue, and even how pollution can attack these microbes. You will learn how to "test" and "caretake" your precious biomes. You’ll also learn how Pollution Attacks Your Biomes and what you can do about it.  Inside the human body are nooks and crannies, called biomes, teeming with microbial life that includes viruses, bacteria and fungi.  We have “biomes” throughout our entire body. We have biomes in our eyes (the ocular biome), mouth (oral biome), in our esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon [...]

Microbiomes, Breast Milk Biomes, Breast Cancer Biomes & Biome Cross-Talk (#110)2020-02-20T14:48:11-06:00

How you make and keep your microbiome healthy.


What are biomes? Teeming bacteria, viruses, and fungi live and thrive in nooks and crannies throughout a typically healthy human body. There are much more of “them” than there are of “us.” In fact, there are nine cells of this “foreign” microbial life for every one of your own cells. These microbes reside in pockets metaphorically referred to as internal “rain forests” or “hidden zoos”—swarming with activity and sending signals to your brain and other tissues, greatly influencing how health unfolds. These pockets of microbial life are called “biomes.” The most well-known biome occupies the warm, moist, nutrient-rich large intestine,known as [...]

How you make and keep your microbiome healthy.2020-02-20T14:48:25-06:00

Probiotics: Facts and Fiction With A Microbiologist (#97)


  In this show you will hear probiotic myths explored and busted. You will discover the “mucosal system” and what this has to do with protecting your health. Kiran and Dr. Berkson discuss probiotics facts and fiction: Differences between “live” and “dead” probiotics. What are “spores”, Do you need to refrigerate probiotics? What are “gut model studies” and why are they critical? How esophageal reflux is linked to downstream intestinal gases from pathogenic overgrowth What you should expect from a great probiotic You learn that bacterial translocation (leaky gut) occurs in most of us after most meals but in a very [...]

Probiotics: Facts and Fiction With A Microbiologist (#97)2020-02-20T14:48:41-06:00

Safe Gardening & Yards: Glyphosate Danger & 14 Glyphosate Facts


It's a good good idea to avoid glyphosate (RoundUp) even at home. It’s spring so be mindful of what you and your neighbors use “around” your homes as it gets “into” your homes and into your bodies.  I belong to a community of health professionals, called MindShare that supports each other in serving the consciousness of the planet on safety and human health. Recently, one member posted a comment that her gardener boyfriend wanted to use RoundUp on weeds close to their home, and didn’t think there was any science that backed up adverse issues with this small amount of personal [...]

Safe Gardening & Yards: Glyphosate Danger & 14 Glyphosate Facts2019-02-18T12:35:40-06:00

Functional Gastroenterologist Dr. Kenneth Brown (#73)


  Functional gastroenterologist Dr. Kenneth Brown, looks at the bigger picture including food and herbs to heal America’s ill guts. The gut has been called the 2nd brain, the mother ship of our health, the seat of our immune system, and the place where we get our authentic gut instinct—if all is working well. But if your gut is ill, “all” of you can feel miserable. This is difficult to appreciate if you haven’t experienced serious gut issues. But millions have. 60-70 million Americans suffer with gastrointestinal disease 240,000 deaths yearly from severe gastrointestinal disease (this number is similar to the [...]

Functional Gastroenterologist Dr. Kenneth Brown (#73)2020-02-20T14:51:28-06:00

To artificially sweeten or not to sweeten, that is the question! Learn 7 benefits of stevia (and a few pitfalls!)


TV ads have taught today’s youth that diet colas make us dance, prance, and smile as we get the pretty girl or handsome guy. We even are taught to imagine we can slurp the artificially sweet stuff and keep our waistlines thin and trim. Many today are addicted to the bubbly strong sweet taste and think they’re doing themselves a favor since they aren’t drinking sugar-filled sodas. What’s the big deal? A lot! Since the use of artificial sweeteners, from sucralose to aspartame, has been increasing, a group of researchers wanted to see how safe these types of alternative sugars were. [...]

To artificially sweeten or not to sweeten, that is the question! Learn 7 benefits of stevia (and a few pitfalls!)2019-04-03T10:04:17-05:00

Hormone Mimics Damage Your Gut Microbiome & 7 Steps to Protect Yourself (#19)


Our toxic soup is attacking our gut bugs, and thus our overall health. Intestinal gut bugs (microbial flora) are in constant communication with our immune system, hormones and brain. If we are toxic, flush with endocrine disrupting pollutants, many of our systems can go south. Take action!

Hormone Mimics Damage Your Gut Microbiome & 7 Steps to Protect Yourself (#19)2020-02-20T14:52:25-06:00

How To Take Antibiotics and Probiotics Wisely


The in’s and out’s that even your doctor or pharmacist might not know   Antibiotics can be good, yet bad. When you get a bacterial infection, antibiotics can be a miracle. They can save lives. However, like all things in this dualistic world, they have two sides: the “light” side that can save your life, and the “shadow” side that can disrupt your health. You should take antibiotics when you need them, but you must know how to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially your children, from potential shadow-side fallout down the road. So how do you stay well after [...]

How To Take Antibiotics and Probiotics Wisely2019-06-28T14:41:45-05:00

8 Benefits of Fermented Foods


Fermenting food has been around since Neolithic times when there were no fridges.  It’s a way of preserving food, that has many other health benefits besides preservation. The term fermentation comes from a Latin word meaning to “raise” or “bubble.” As the process of fermentation starts, are created and food is transformed into “power food.” In a sense we are all like starter cultures, bubbling our enthusiasm for life and health within our homes and communities. 8 Benefits of Fermented foods: More nutrients. When food is fermented, enhanced nutrition is generated, such as higher amounts of very bioavailable (more useable by [...]

8 Benefits of Fermented Foods2019-04-03T10:07:37-05:00
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