Hope & Renewal out of the Psychodemic Pandemic (#203)


Watch it on YouTube here Everyone is struggling to cope during these unprecedented times. In this show we discuss “wherever you go - there you are” and “wherever you don’t go - there you are, too.” In this show you will learn: Our new pandemic vocabulary Overcoming emotional inflammation Making friends with your triggers How self-compassion starts the process Why President Abraham Lincoln, in his inaugural speech, addressed “The Decency of Angels” How to morph “pandemic paralysis” into “hope” and “renewal” Helpful concept of “isness” and milking it for nourishment Practice, notice, breathe... all necessary tools for “soul [...]

Hope & Renewal out of the Psychodemic Pandemic (#203)2021-01-08T12:29:28-06:00

Healing When It Seems Impossible with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, MD (#117)


Shiroko Sokitch MD is a physician who blends Chinese and Western techniques with a deeply spiritual and emotional blend to help patients with complex medical conditions finally get well. Dr. Sokitch worked as an emergency room doc but also went to acupuncture college. She realized that allopathic medicine was just one path and needed to be combined with more tools to help people with complicated conditions finally achieve brilliant wellness. Dr. S’s new book – Healing When It Seems Impossible – 7 Keys to Defy the Odds, puts all that she has learned into one place for you. In this interview with Dr. [...]

Healing When It Seems Impossible with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, MD (#117)2019-09-06T09:51:50-05:00

Dr. Berkson’s “Bits & Pieces” Patient Tales (#104)


    In this episode Dr. Berkson shares stories of cases in which patients lives were improved and changed by looking at their condition with a new set of functional medicine eyes. You will learn about a rare cause of insomnia, called “nocturnal hypertension.”  You will be amazed that one cause of idiopathic infertility may be subclinical hypothyroidism, even if your TSH thyroid blood test is still within normal range. Did you know that sperm count and shape can “say” a lot about a man’s heath, even his risk for metabolic disease? You will learn about the concept of “hormonal hyper-excreters” [...]

Dr. Berkson’s “Bits & Pieces” Patient Tales (#104)2019-09-06T13:48:24-05:00

Epigenetics, Hormones, and Hope (#17)


Enjoy this highly inspirational show on the power of your choices. Learn how moment-by-moment, your foods, thoughts, actions and decisions, have the ability and power to morph your genes to act - for better… or for worse.  Genes are not set in stone, they are highly influenced by your daily actions through the power of epigenetics. Even women with serious breast cancer genes can take strategic and positive actions that morph their fate toward better protection. This is a podcast you will want to listen to over and over again -  to boost your HOPE on down days and to reinforce it on up days!

Epigenetics, Hormones, and Hope (#17)2019-09-06T10:34:55-05:00

Epigenetics, Hormones & Hope


It’s never to late to LIVE your dreams, not just DREAM them. By Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson   Ever buy into the American hypnotic spell that only youth is better? Consider this. My dear friend and I worked out together. Liz is an iconic physical therapist who really knows the secrets of the body. She’s a deep, insightful woman. After critiquing each other’s gym postures and laughing a lot, we cooled off over protein shakes. We started talking about the wisdom that is unveiled after being in practice for many years—for her, almost thirty years, and for me, over 40. Liz [...]

Epigenetics, Hormones & Hope2019-04-03T09:56:51-05:00

Happy Easter! A time of celebrating resurrection! By Berkson


How about YOU resurrecting yourself emotionally and physically too? Get ready for summer by feeling and being better than ever inside your own body suit. This would be a way to live devotion "in action." Taking care of the temple of your body that you have been gifted. Start living better and healthier NOW! Get your hormones tested and balanced so you have the mojo and motivation to do IT. Once a day eat a handful of broccoli sprouts. Add another colorful veggie to your dinner plate. Go outside and look up at the sky. Treat this body as the blessing [...]

Happy Easter! A time of celebrating resurrection! By Berkson2019-04-03T10:21:49-05:00

The New Old By Devaki Lindsey Berkson


We all want to live longer and younger, but none of us wants to age. If you’re the one aging, move over, no one seems to want you. I’m in my 60’s. I didn’t realize how many examples of “age racism” and “the new old” I could and would bump into in just 24 hours. Mark drove us to midtown Austin. We just got the patent on our drug to treat difficult to heal wounds. We work with Dr. Jack Moncrief. Dr. Moncrief is honored as one of the seven men who have made kidney medicine what it is today. He [...]

The New Old By Devaki Lindsey Berkson2019-02-13T11:12:30-06:00
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