Orgasmanaut Susan Bratton on Achieving Passionate Intimacy (#146)


Susan Bratton is an advocate and champion of all who desire passionate intimacy. She is a best-selling author of 34 books and multiple online programs that teach passionate lovemaking, bedroom communication skills and restorative sexual wellness techniques. In addition, Susan frequently trains PhD’s in intimacy and sexual behavior. Just a few of the sizzling things you will learn in this interview: The best lubes; ditch the AstroGlide. How there are over 10 types of orgasms and how to practice some of them. The difference between estrogen and testosterone in the bedroom. That “Old farts want orgasms!” How our toxic planet [...]

Orgasmanaut Susan Bratton on Achieving Passionate Intimacy (#146)2019-09-18T20:06:45-05:00

Connection and Sex with Sue Bratton (#86)


  Sue Bratton is called “The Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to Millions of Lovers” and is host to the Better Lover YouTube Channel. Why this show? We live in a time with more discord than connection and more angst and divorce that stability and joy in long term marriages. In this show, Susan shares how to create joy, passion and stability within relationships with more sophisticated sexual know-how. You’ll also learn how healthy passion is brain protective. In fact, this is exactly some of what Berkson shares in her lastest book SEXY BRAIN (click here to claim your free gift and [...]

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Can Your Smart Phone and Social Media be Ruining Your Sex Life?


    (Why you should care and 3 actions steps to help yourself) By Berkson Just as we’re learning that satisfying and frequent sex is as beneficial for your health—especially your brain—as veggies and exercise, science is now showing that Americans are doing “it” less. I remember a line from the comedy “Bun Heads” where a dancer from the east coast is in L.A. trying to make it big. She’s on the phone with her friends back home, who ask, “What’s it like in L.A.?” She complains, “Nobody eats carbs any more!” Well, now there’s a similar trend with sex. Three [...]

Can Your Smart Phone and Social Media be Ruining Your Sex Life?2019-06-28T14:41:32-05:00

Sexy Brain (#2)


Learn: how great intimacy promotes sizzling cognition, the hormone language of love, how males and females are absolutely hard wired at the atomic level how to keep your hormones happy. AND THEN get your mind blown as Dr. Berkson translates these factoids into your bedrooms and living rooms. 

Sexy Brain (#2)2019-09-06T10:50:09-05:00

OXYTOCIN The New Hormonal Kid On The Clinical Block


Modern Dilemma. In America today, marital relationships and personal moods seem pretty hard to hold together. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Studies say 20 to 72% of husbands commit adultery and 10 to 54% of wives do likewise . Try as we may to achieve happy relationships, many fail. Moods are murky. Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults and cost one-third of all monies spent on mental health. The National Center for Health Statistics shows that one in ten Americans (and one out of four women in their 40s and 50s) take antidepressants. What if there was a safe [...]

OXYTOCIN The New Hormonal Kid On The Clinical Block2019-06-28T14:41:48-05:00
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