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Hormone Wars – Dr. David Brownstein (#202)


Watch it on YouTube here Get Armed with Facts In this show you hear the visionary Dr. David’s Brownstein’s explanation and deep dive into: Why medicine is so slow to embrace natural answers that works. How not all hormones are equal - learn about progestins vs. progesterone. How hormones protect you against heart disease. How statins threaten testosterone and other hormone levels, learn how and how this indirectly ups your risk of heart disease. How you can be “allergic” to hormones, and how to “de-sensitize hormones”. What to consider when you are on HRT but having reactions?. What [...]

Hormone Wars – Dr. David Brownstein (#202)2020-12-23T16:45:02-06:00

Progesterone – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (#188)


Watch it on YouTube here Progesterone Natural progesterone that your body makes is very different from synthetic progestins that are patented and sold by commercial companies. The differences between the two are often misunderstood in scientific literature as well as in the clinical trenches of many doctors’ offices, even gynecologists. In this show you will learn: How progesterone got its name. How much progesterone a pregnant woman makes and how and why this tends to put autoimmune and inflammatory diseases in remission. The dose spectrum range of progesterone. Routes of delivery. How and why progesterone is made all [...]

Progesterone – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (#188)2020-10-01T08:45:52-05:00

Your Breast Friend, with Dr. Véronique Desaulniers (#163)


Up to 30% of cancers are not found by mammogram, but by self-palpation (do it yourself breast exams). Listen here to Dr. Berkson interview with Dr. Veronique Desaulniers who specializes in guiding women through breast cancer. Dr. V—as she is respectfully known as—has a new product (Your Breast Friend) to help train women how to do effective and safe “self-breast exams”.  In this show you learn: Current days statistics for breast cancer.  For women with breast cancer, 89.7 percent survive for five years after diagnosis. This survival rate includes all women with breast cancer regardless of the stage or subtype. The [...]

Your Breast Friend, with Dr. Véronique Desaulniers (#163)2020-03-03T15:21:28-06:00

Injuries, Lymphedema & Tamoxifen (#147)


In this show you will learn: Sometimes it’s good to assist in your own healing and not treat yourself like a China teacup. Injury reframe! What’s lymphedema? Some possible causes and symptoms. The lymph system has “tight junctions” that can “leak”. The role of estrogen signaling and iodine in lymphatic flow, lymphatic tight junctions, and lymphatic health. Possible tamoxifen complications in lymphedema. A flavonoid that may help with lymphedema along with a light-weight program. Supportive nutrients: Vitamin B2 100 mg and B3 500 mg twice a day can potentially help cells use iodine better (enhance bioavailability). These nutrients are co-factors [...]

Injuries, Lymphedema & Tamoxifen (#147)2019-09-24T16:33:38-05:00

Google’s Gone Biased, Ditch the Mouthwash & More (#145)


In this show you will learn how Google is driving traffic “away” from functional medicine sites, like driving large amounts of cyber traffic away from the famous health advocate site named Google especially drives traffic away from sites that are anti-vaccine, supportive of alternative cancer care, and discuss alternative medicine treatments. Thus, natural answers will be harder to find on Google. Try other sites such as – the search engine that will plant a tree for every 100 searches! This all first began when Monsanto hired Google to help drive traffic in the direction they wanted when Monsanto [...]

Google’s Gone Biased, Ditch the Mouthwash & More (#145)2019-09-10T07:30:00-05:00

Is Your Daughter At Risk of Earlier Puberty and Later Breast Cancer? Reproductive Milestones (and Hormones) Are Under Assault


Mother Nature hard-wired humanity with specific milestones of reproduction. This means that for millennia the entire human race has had very specific times during specific years when women can start making babies or stop making babies. Hormones flourish and initiate or diminish and halt. This has been the hormonal dance throughout the ages. Reproductive milestones are humanity’s rhythms that have far reaching effects on entire life spans. Yet the timing of these milestones is under attack by our dirty planet and food. “Time shifting” of reproductive milestones is threatening the health and survival of the human race. Modern humans have been [...]

Is Your Daughter At Risk of Earlier Puberty and Later Breast Cancer? Reproductive Milestones (and Hormones) Are Under Assault2019-06-28T14:40:48-05:00

Testosterone Therapy for Breast Cancer Survivors – The Science and Mechanisms (#121)


In this show, Dr. Berkson reviews the science and safety of testosterone therapy for some breast cancer survivors. Dr. Berkson walks you through the studies. You hear how and why testosterone (T) might be a safe answer for some breast cancer patients to improve quality of life and reduce the rate of recurrence. In this show you’ll learn about:How maleness protects femaleness (how T protects breast tissue).The differences between estrogen receptor alpha and beta.All about 3β-Adiol. In both genders.How T protects prostate tissue.The shadow side and controversy of T.Aromatase enzymes.The Estrogen Quotient.The Testosterone Metabolic Profile.The ratios of metabolites of female hormones (estrogens) [...]

Testosterone Therapy for Breast Cancer Survivors – The Science and Mechanisms (#121)2019-06-28T14:40:55-05:00

Can Cancer Survivors Take Hormones? (#119)


In the introduction, you will learn one of the new uses for oxytocin as well as a huge meta-analysis review study demonstrating that the most commonly used drugs for Alzheimer’s disease not only don’t work but make dementia worse.The major part of this show discusses the science on how “maleness” protects “femaleness” — how Mother Nature designed breasts to be protected by male sex steroid hormone signals.Dr. Berkson dives into the peer review literature from 2010 to the present. We explore the use of testosterone therapy immediately “after” breast cancer treatment has ended, and one case study in which testosterone and aromatase inhibitor [...]

Can Cancer Survivors Take Hormones? (#119)2019-06-28T14:40:55-05:00

Microbiomes, Breast Milk Biomes, Breast Cancer Biomes & Biome Cross-Talk (#110)


  Today’s show explores your microbiomes, difference between breast biomes that "live" in a breast with cancer versus healthy breast tissue, and even how pollution can attack these microbes. You will learn how to "test" and "caretake" your precious biomes. You’ll also learn how Pollution Attacks Your Biomes and what you can do about it.  Inside the human body are nooks and crannies, called biomes, teeming with microbial life that includes viruses, bacteria and fungi.  We have “biomes” throughout our entire body. We have biomes in our eyes (the ocular biome), mouth (oral biome), in our esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon [...]

Microbiomes, Breast Milk Biomes, Breast Cancer Biomes & Biome Cross-Talk (#110)2020-02-20T14:48:11-06:00

Sugar Shockers & Scams


Why You Should Make This One New Year's Resolution, and Stick to It When we think of New Year’s resolutions, we think of losing weight, exercising more, drinking less or not for a while… but more scientific research now says sugar addiction is often overlooked as the most destructive and deadly force of all. Emerging and replicated research shows people who consume lots of sugar are more than twice as likely to die from heart disease. Studies say sugar feeds cancer cells and boost the risk of Alzheimer's. Then there is sugar's link to diabetes, and the list goes on. That's [...]

Sugar Shockers & Scams2019-06-28T14:41:09-05:00
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