Why Do We Hate Older Women and Three Steps To Stop It!


Our mothers raise us. They create “home.” We love them and they love us. Yet, these sacrificing and serving beings, once they start to age, get discarded culturally. Not in Europe. Not in Vietnam. Not in India. But right here in the good ole USA. Discrimination against aging women has now been well proven and discussed in multiple academic studies and legal reviews. It’s a reality spanning multiple life genres: in romance, in the workplace, and even in geriatric medicine by some gerontologists (too many of whom use the term “granny-bashing” but not “grandpa-bashing”). Female ageism is pervasive. Nobody wants to [...]

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5 Ways to Reduce Tomato & Strawberry Food Allergies


Allergies, or adverse reactions to food, are on the rise in infants, children, and adults. Eating a food, touching the food, or sometimes even inhaling aerosolized proteins of the food as it is cooking and wafting into the air can cause allergic reactions. Scientific documentation demonstrates that roughly 3 to 4% of adults and 5% of children are allergic to specific foods. The prevalence of food allergy in infancy is increasing and may affect up to 15-20 % of infants causing both growth and development issues. Food allergies usually occur “immediately” after consuming a food, happening within minutes or hours of exposure. [...]

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Estrogen + Exercise + Fish Oil Regenerates Your Heart!


This post explores how estrogen, exercise and fish oil regenerate your heart and keep it younger and healthier for years to come. You have heard the term “have heart,” which means to have faith and hope. But how do you regenerate and protect your actual heart muscle itself? Since heart disease is a major cause of illness and death as we age, you are going to want to listen up. Did you know that as of 2013, the leading cause of death in BOTH genders was heart disease. More people die of heart disease than all cancers. Death by heart disease often [...]

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5 Things I Do Every Day To Not Get Breast Cancer Back


I had breast cancer over 20 years ago. So my remission is my mission. There is a lot we can do besides finish whatever care we took, such as surgery or other interventions, and then believe we got it all and go out into the wild, cross our fingers, and wish for the best. Never guide your life choices by “we got it all” and then assume you are now safe. It makes sense to retweek your physiologic terrain, to make it healthier. It makes sense to identify and fix glitches that had allowed your body to grow a nasty cancer [...]

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To artificially sweeten or not to sweeten, that is the question! Learn 7 benefits of stevia (and a few pitfalls!)


TV ads have taught today’s youth that diet colas make us dance, prance, and smile as we get the pretty girl or handsome guy. We even are taught to imagine we can slurp the artificially sweet stuff and keep our waistlines thin and trim. Many today are addicted to the bubbly strong sweet taste and think they’re doing themselves a favor since they aren’t drinking sugar-filled sodas. What’s the big deal? A lot! Since the use of artificial sweeteners, from sucralose to aspartame, has been increasing, a group of researchers wanted to see how safe these types of alternative sugars were. [...]

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About “Natural” Progesterone


Dr. Berkson’s Birthday and Holiday Gift to protect your breasts and brains of those you love! Everything you ever wanted to know about natural progesterone… Progesterone is now regarded as so breast protective that there’s a scientific call to add it to breast cancer medications like Tamoxifen! It also promotes brain and sleep health in both men and women and works with Vitamin D to reduce inflammation in the nervous system and brain. Part 1 — Introduction to A Growing Understanding of Progesterone What is progesterone? Progesterone is a hormone. Its name comes from “pro”— meaning to support, and “gest” — [...]

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The Melatonin Insulin Link


I adore that movie with Meryl Strep directed by one of my favorite directors, Nancy Meyers, called “It’s Complicated.” That sums up so much of life. Well, it’s also an accurate way of looking at marvelous melatonin. Melatonin is a multi-tasking complicated hormone. Many of us think of it as a sleep hormone. But it’s much, much more. Just a few examples are: melatonin is one of the most powerful and least damaging anti-oxidants there are. It fights multiple types of cancer as we sleep.  And, it helps prevent, but sometimes promotes, type-2 diabetes! It’s complicated. Here’s the melatonin/pancreas story. When [...]

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From Ergonomic Slut to Born Again Disciple


I’m an ergonomic slut. I am ashamed to admit this. I have desk stations, core exercise ball chairs, tables that go up and down on command, perfect placement for my feet with grounding pads—the whole banana to keep well while sitting. But I was writing so much these last two years (two books soon launching and one on hold due to the FDA, and blogs and power points and profiles and such) that I just got lazy. Pooped. And, hedonistic. As much as there are several ergonomic dream stations throughout my house, I became addicted to my big cozy chair by [...]

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Chocolate, the healthy gift for Valentine’s!


My mother died 4 years ago and 3 things I remember so strikingly about her were that she was a people person, very svelte and lean, and a born-again chocolaholic. She would eat one of the largest size Hershey bars, the ones on steroids, daily, all the while I was growing up. Yet everyone noted and commented about how fit and thin she was. Was chocolate her secret weapon? A recent study out of the University of California, San Diego, has rocked our world. For years science has acknowledged the beneficial role of chocolate in many aspects of health, from blood [...]

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Is fish oil and prostate a good or bad match?


The media leaped onto headline news about a week ago that increasing levels of fish-type oils in the blood might significantly increase the risk of prostate cancer, especially aggressive cancers. At first blush this appeared credible and horrible news both at the same time. It was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and run by investigators from the prestigious Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, WA. Worn out patients, tired of yo-yoing research might understandably moan, “Oh no, now what?” But if you look deeper into what the study assessed and what was reported, it’s actually a pretty fishy story. [...]

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