The Unjustified Fear Of Estrogen


Hearing about estrogen replacement, many women unconsciously cover their breasts with their arms. The word “estrogen” makes them think of the “enemy”— breast cancer. Scientists and doctors often feel the same way. This is understandable as a large body of data supports the widely recognized ways that estrogen can “fuel the fire” of estrogen-positive breast cancer cells. But it’s not the whole and accurate estrogen story. A shifting paradigm about the complex terrain of estrogens is showing that sometimes estrogens can prevent breast cancer, and sometimes even help treat breast cancer. Did you know estrogen has been used to treat breast [...]

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Estrone – A Most Maligned Estrogen


Estrogens have had a bad rap for a long time but they are major signaling molecules in the body that have many beneficial and complex activities. There are actually over 60 estrogenic-acting estrogens in the human body, though 3 are the most famous Charlie’s Angel estrogens: Estradiol (the strongest “purest estrogen” that delivers signals to most estrogen receptors), Estriol (a gentler estrogen that sends anti-cancer signals) and, Estrone (known as the bad sister estrogens like the bad sisters in Cinderella, that is more predominantly produced in menopause and is often regarded as a pro-carcinogenic (cancer-causing) estrogen. Are all estrone type estrogens nasty? Maria wrote and asked [...]

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6 Ways To Help Your Brain Fight Aging


The older you get the harder it naturally becomes to put the world around us in order. But the human brain adapts. At the end of this article you'll find 6 steps to help your brain adapt even better. In order to process the massive amount of information you receive daily—and  every day this amount is growing by leaps and bounds—your brain builds file cabinets. Brains categorize into physiologic files. This understanding comes from neuroscientists at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. They looked at the way brains categorize factoids into “cranial files” and how this capacity varies throughout phases of a lifetime. Younger [...]

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Women and aspirin… safe or not?


Your husband is on daily aspirin. Should you be? Which women can safely use aspirin to protect against cardiovascular disease? Women and aspirin… safe or not? Recent meta-analyses (analysis of large groups of clinical trials and clinical guidelines) were performed to try to figure out which women would be helped by taking daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks and strokes, and which women might be more harmed. The data show there are 3 groups of women who are excellent candidates for daily aspirin: Women of any age with established cardiovascular disease. Women 65 years or older with or without a history [...]

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OXYTOCIN The New Hormonal Kid On The Clinical Block By Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson (Author of soon launching SEXY—better health with bigger “O’s”)   Modern Dilemma. In America today, marital relationships and personal moods seem pretty hard to hold together. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Studies say 20 to 72% of husbands commit adultery and 10 to 54% of wives do likewise . Try as we may to achieve happy relationships, many fail. Moods are murky. Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults and cost one-third of all monies spent on mental health. The National Center for Health Statistics shows that [...]


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