How To Take Antibiotics and Probiotics Wisely


The in’s and out’s that even your doctor or pharmacist might not know   Antibiotics can be good, yet bad. When you get a bacterial infection, antibiotics can be a miracle. They can save lives. However, like all things in this dualistic world, they have two sides: the “light” side that can save your life, and the “shadow” side that can disrupt your health. You should take antibiotics when you need them, but you must know how to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially your children, from potential shadow-side fallout down the road. So how do you stay well after [...]

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8 Benefits of Fermented Foods


Fermenting food has been around since Neolithic times when there were no fridges.  It’s a way of preserving food, that has many other health benefits besides preservation. The term fermentation comes from a Latin word meaning to “raise” or “bubble.” As the process of fermentation starts, are created and food is transformed into “power food.” In a sense we are all like starter cultures, bubbling our enthusiasm for life and health within our homes and communities. 8 Benefits of Fermented foods: More nutrients. When food is fermented, enhanced nutrition is generated, such as higher amounts of very bioavailable (more useable by [...]

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The Unappreciated Role of Hormones in the Gut


You will learn: The new genderome and Venus and Mars in the gut How testosterone and progesterone affect digestive enzymes Which estrogen prevents and heals leaky gut How oxytocin and estrogen receptor beta are in sync in the brain and the gut How and why a healthy gut is a vagal gut Gut microbiome/hormone cross-talk And more! By Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson

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