Screen time and prolonged exposure to unhealthy blue light has skyrocketed over the past year as we’ve all been stuck inside during the pandemic. We’ve developed new habits that aren’t likely to change as we get back to our older lives.

So, how can we protect our eyes against blue light exposure and the growing risk of macular degeneration?

My guest today is Neuro-ophthalmologist Rani Banik, MD. 

In this show you learn the top 4 answers:

  1. Proper nutrition
  2. Supplementation
  3. Blue blocking glasses, and
  4. Screen filters

You will learn:

  • Which spectrum of light is most damaging to your eyes?
  • How to pick the best protective blue light glasses from the worst.
  • How to know if the blue-blocking glasses are working.
  • About a medical food that has the highest level of protective eye pigments and nutrients of anything on the market (link to Lumega-Z is below).
  • Which nutraceutical is the only one to have all three pigments. Link is below. 

Too many ophthalmologists and optometrists leave “nutrition” and “life-style” out of their conversations with patients.

Too much health care is reactive. Most people don’t think of their eyes till they face an emergency.

Dr. Rani wants you and your loved ones to start protecting their eye future, now.

Guest Links

Dr. Rani offers a free webinar and an online training course that might be of interest to you.

  • The Macular Degeneration Masterclass is a FREE one-hour webinar offered every Wednesday at 5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT and gives listeners 3 critical things to know to prevent vision loss.
  • Eat Right For Your Sight…And Beyond will teach your listeners the science-backed, eye-healthy nutritional and lifestyle strategies to protect and preserve eyesight through 4 comprehensive weekly modules.

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