To vaccine or not to vaccine, that has become a polarizing question.

But why is there censorship of early interventions and also of doctors writing scripts for them?

Why are we being pitted against each other?

Mary J. Ruwart, Ph.D. 

Dr. Ruwart has been in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, run for the presidential primary on the Libertarian ticket, and is the author of three books, one on how the FDA became what she thinks it is today.

This is a tell-it-like-we-think-it conversation.

Mary J. Ruwart, Ph.D. chairs a for-profit IRB and is a former research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry.  She has a B.S. in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Michigan State University.

She did post-doctoral work at the St. Louis University Medical School’s Department of Surgery and became an Assistant Professor of Surgery before joining the Upjohn Company. 

Science is always changing, and we are in a circumstance that is evolving, but it seems that the “narrative” of much of the media is not representing accurately both sides of the science.

Turns out there are details not widely discussed on most TV or radio shows. You will hear some of that here including:

  • Who is most apt to die from Covid and why.
  • What does obesity have to do with it.
  • Is heart damage happening more in vaccinated young adults than from Covid.
  • Why getting two boosters a year exposes you to the “inflammatory spike” protein.
  • The Covid spike protein binds to human tissues than any other animal the bat it derives from, and this is very unusual and makes us wonder about human gain-of-functioning engineering.
  • We are seeing a level of censorship worldwide – bigger than we have ever seen before, even in the medical journals which are thus becoming untrustworthy now.
  • So, in this show we ponder what is going on.

Did you know that the Pfizer submission to FDA for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is still under EUA? The full approval has been for Biotech – in this show Dr. Ruwart discusses the difference.

You cannot have a vaccine on an EUA if there are already “early effective interventions”. Critical to keep in mind.

We discuss the veracity of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and why this is not being discussed, tracked, and Dr. R’s interpretation of the numbers.

Dr. Ruwart believes, teaches, and writes that “Whoever controls your body, controls your mind.”

Think, read, question, debate, learn… but stay calm. And informed.

Dr. Ruwart says, “If the vaccine works, then you don’t need to worry about an unvaccinated person. If the vaccine doesn’t work, it makes no sense to have a mandate. Especially with something so new.”

Dr. Ruwart says the research on the children 5 to 12 years old was done on a group of 2000 children. None in the experimental nor placebo arm during this time got Covid. 5% of the children were lost to follow-up.

Is this enough safety data to inject our children? Dr. Ruwart says it is something to ponder.

We discuss blood labs to see if heart damage is occurring and suggest nutraceuticals to take prophylactically, especially in children and young adults, that may be heart-protective – if you decide that moving forward is the best way to go.

These are suggestions based on physiology, not studies.

Many studies are included below for your personal reading.


Dr. Ruwart’s three books, “Healing Our World,” “Short Answers to the Tough Questions,” and “Death by Regulation” are available at Amazon.

Podcast – Death by Regulation with Dr. Mary Ruwart PhD (#98) 

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