You know how the old saying that the “Two Inevitables” are taxes and aging? Well, what if aging, at least as we know it, wasn’t a given?

This show, with one of the world’s experts on anti-aging. Dave Asprey,  is a super dynamic interview about extending your life. Dave is a genius, agile thinker and you get to hear his effective, distinctive array of science-based anti-aging tools.

Dave Asprey has used specific nutrients and off-label use of medications, to pull himself back from being a 300 lb. extremely unhealthy younger male, to now being a middle-aged much more youthful dynamic incomparable male. He did this by “bio-hacking”. In fact, Dave helped put this term—“biohacking”—in Webster’s dictionary and on our human radar.

Bio-hacking is using tools to hack our DNA so we can improve our genes, moving them toward living longer better.

Dave shares with the world his idea that aging is plastic, that it’s encoded. “If something is encoded, you can crack the code.” “If you can crack the code, you can hack the code!”

Governments like China and Russia are investing in “Anti-aging Technologies” as they realize it gives them tremendous competitive advantage? Why shouldn’t you do the same? This show tells how.

In this powerful dialogue between colleagues and friends, you learn:

  • What is biohacking?
  • How you might live longer but do it much like you did in your 20’s.
  • How to use nutrients to keep your tissues and brain younger longer.
  • Which off-label medications “turn on” your brain mitochondria and immune system healing powers, so your lysosomes can clear “pro-aging gunk” out of your cells.
  • You will learn what lysosomes are, and how and why to take care of them.
  • You will learn exact tools to be rich in energy. Energy is everything. Energy is the true currency of life.
  • That it’s not how long you sleep but how well you sleep. The Keck School of Medicine and the American Cancer Society looked at over 1 million adults 30 to 102, how they slept and their mortality rates and those that slept 6.5 hours lived longer and those that slept 8 hours a night died earlier from all causes!
  • Atypical sleep improving hormones and medications!

Dr. Berkson asked Dave, “How can you say in the book that you will live to be 185 years old?” 

Dave answered, “At least 185 years old!”

Dave then explains, in detail, exactly how he is living toward that reality every single day.

Dr. Berkson read Super Human at least three times, underlining many pearls guiding us toward a safer, younger future. She proclaimed, “Super Human is one of the best reads I’ve devoured in years”.

This is “must-hear” show and a “must-read” book, perfect read for those wanting to know how to be the best that they can possibly be. Super Human has almost 500 peer review citations. It’s based on research but comes from that unique virtuoso Asprey special deep dive.

Biohacking is not just for the ultra-rich or CEO’s of Google – but for you and me. This book should be on your shelves and the information guiding your purchasing of supplements and prescriptions. This year, for the first time, there will be more people on Earth over the age of sixty-five than under the age of five. We need biohacking. You and I need this information and need to take actions based on it.

Do not miss out on this show or book! And don’t miss out on all the other very cool and life enhancing tools from Dave Asprey from Bulletproof mold-free coffee to the best eye-glasses for sleeping and computer use Dr. Berkson has ever used.

Be your best by tuning in, and allowing Bulletproof and Dave Asprey to buttress up your incarnation.

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Super Human

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The Bulletproof Diet: Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Your Energy and Focus, and Upgrade Your Life


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