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Dr. David Perlmutter MD (#93)


    Dr. Perlmutter is a Board-Certified Neurologist and four-time New York Times bestselling author. He serves as a medical advisor for The Dr. Oz Show and is known as the leading integrative medical neurologist in North America today. Dr. Perlmutter fully “integrates” conventional, nutritional and environmental medicines. As a teacher and clinician, Dr. Perlmutter morphed physician and patients perspective, to go from regarding neurological degeneration, instead, as… neural regeneration. On this show Dr. Perlmutter defines functional neurology and discusses why he went down this “rogue” route. Dr. Perlmutter and Dr. B. discuss why functional approaches require multiple interventions, doing away [...]

Dr. David Perlmutter MD (#93)2020-02-20T14:49:02-06:00

Bigger Belly Fat, Smaller Brain Size & The Shocking Link of Mindfulness (15 Action Steps)


Fat and Your Brain Can you grab a few inches of love handles at your waist? Your brain may be shrinking. Especially the part of your brain that has to do with self-control and mindfulness. Life often manifests as circles. One thing leading to another. Who would have thought that there might be a circle surrounding mindfulness, brain size, appetite regulation, and belly fat? But there is. Let me present a web of scientific evidence that shows that “mindfulness” plays a significant role in being able to control the portion size of what you choose to eat. More mindfulness, less belly [...]

Bigger Belly Fat, Smaller Brain Size & The Shocking Link of Mindfulness (15 Action Steps)2020-09-18T15:06:14-05:00

Possibilities, Psychology, and Quantum Physics with Mel Schwartz (#74)


    Possibilities, Psychology & Quantum Physics. Mel Schwartz, author of The Possibility Principal, is a therapist who has practiced for over 20 years. He is an emerging voice in the field of personal transformation. Mel is one of the first practicing psychotherapists to integrate the principles of “quantum physics” into a “psychotherapeutic” approach. Mel is the author of The Art of Intimacy, The Pleasure of Passion, and he blogs for Psychology Today.  He has written over 100 articles, read by more than 1.5 million people. He offers supervisions and trainings to those in the helping professions. This gentle conversation unfolds as Mel [...]

Possibilities, Psychology, and Quantum Physics with Mel Schwartz (#74)2019-07-30T08:04:41-05:00

10 Signs Your Brain is Aging Rapidly and How to Reverse It


There are now several replicated studies from prestigious labs around the world showing that brain tissue in children under 10 years of age, in cities with high levels of pollution, are exhibiting early Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonian-like changes. These altered brain tissues show signs of unhealthy inflammation, misshapen proteins, and are looking more like the old brains of cognitively declined seniors than of kids. Our brain is at the top of our physiological pyramid. Yet, we often don’t think about it unless we have issues with it. Our brains can have one of two problems: “Out loud” issues. This means our problems [...]

10 Signs Your Brain is Aging Rapidly and How to Reverse It2019-04-03T10:03:23-05:00

Bulletproof and Berkson


Bulletproof and Berkson! A one-hour plus interview chock full of ideas to make your brain and life soar. Listen to Bullet Proof Radio show on how our toxic environment is impacting our hormones, brains and health here. Dave Asprey is an amazing human who was obese and out of shape and morphed into a hunk, a best selling author, hottest radio host, and a world respected health guru. On this show Dave Asprey interviews Dr. Berkson and this hot duo team up for your learning and listening pleasure. The info is fast, fun and full of factoids. Dave Asprey is very brilliant and [...]

Bulletproof and Berkson2019-01-08T07:33:27-06:00

Magnesium: A Simple Fix For Depression?


What if your complex health problem had a simple fix? This can happen more than you might think, but our health care system, and even our own thinking, is often not on alert to look for the simple answers. Magnesium might be a key to solving your depression.  When you have a health issue, finding out what’s wrong is the most critical step of fixing it. This is referred to as finding “root cause.” In today’s health care, the step-by-step process of searching for the main cause of your suffering is often replaced by a focus on symptoms, costly testing and [...]

Magnesium: A Simple Fix For Depression?2019-02-04T11:27:22-06:00

Leaky Brain, exactly how to fix it & busting the myth of vegetable vs. fish omega-3’s


The gut and brain start out as best friends from the very beginning of your life. These massive organs start out inside the fetus as one clump of teeming new life. Then this group of cells splits almost exactly in half. One segment travels to the gut to become the intestinal tract and the other migrates to the head to become your brain. Both these organs have protective barrier systems that surround and shield them. In the gut this protective barrier is called the semi-permeable gut wall. It is made up of a single layer of epithelial cells combined with magical [...]

Leaky Brain, exactly how to fix it & busting the myth of vegetable vs. fish omega-3’s2019-02-01T13:59:31-06:00

Dr. Barbara Demeneix – Toxic Cocktail – Your Child’s Thyroid, Brain and IQ (#57)


All earth’s populations are struggling with pollution. There are over 700,000 pollution related deaths a year, but what about your baby’s brain? Dr. Barbara Demeneix is a scientist and professor at the Sorbonne University, Paris, France. Dr Demeneix’s 40-year career focus has been on endocrinology with a particular investigation of the thyroid gland and its essential role in intelligence. Dr. Demeneix discusses how contemporary thyroid health, especially in fetuses and babies, is under attack by today’s toxic environment. Dr. Demeneix’s book is called Toxic Cocktail. She shares how thyroid function, in both the pregnant mom and baby, are a major influence [...]

Dr. Barbara Demeneix – Toxic Cocktail – Your Child’s Thyroid, Brain and IQ (#57)2021-10-10T23:39:38-05:00

Your Son’s Brain & Emotions Are Under Toxic Attack


(My Cul-de-Sac’s Sad but True Pyrethroid Story) by Dr. Lindsey Berkson I called my next-door neighbor in my tight neighborly cul-de-sac, Charette Cove North, to ask Beth for the name of their bug guy that she said used only natural products. Tall burly Gerald came over wearing a clean shirt that had printed over the chest pocket, “Natural Answers for Nasty Bugs.” What were these natural answers? Pyrethroids. Gerald explained these were safe natural versions of extracts of the Chrysanthemum plant’s own bug-fighting pyrethrins. The natural flower extract kills bugs, and Gerald proudly exclaimed that this version was completely natural, safe, [...]

Your Son’s Brain & Emotions Are Under Toxic Attack2019-06-28T14:41:31-05:00

7 Ways to Protect Your Brain (#45)


Protect Your Brain Gila CellsDr. Berkson shares science-based steps to protect the glia cells in your brain that "feed" and "protect" brain and central nervous system nerves (neurons). If glia cells age, we age. Protecting glia cells is demonstrated to slow down brain aging, which is the real deal in achieving effective anti-aging. Berkson goes through what glia cells are, how they have been identified in corpse research to protect the brain as they do. She shares exact steps you can add into your daily life to keep your brain healthier, younger and more cognitively fit by care-taking these brain-supportive cells. [...]

7 Ways to Protect Your Brain (#45)2019-07-30T08:26:07-05:00


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