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Magnesium is Nature’s Valium by Berkson


Having adequate magnesium inside your cells (intracellular)—where this mineral does it's magic—helps you have less headaches, back pain, insomnia and even heal faster when injured. Most blood tests test extracellular magnesium, but only 1% of magnesium is outside the cell. You have to get a specific intracellular blood test to know if you are deficient in this mineral, or not. But by numerous National Surveys, a majority of Americans are lacking in magnesium. Is this one major contributor to us buying pain pills, sleeping pills and muscle relaxants by the truckloads? Where do we get most of our magnesium? Greens. The [...]

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8 Behaviors to Eliminate Depression


Exercise where you push your heart rate up safely but UP for starting at 30-second intervals and slowly building up to one minute or more, several times during at least a 15-minute daily workout. Even 5 minutes is better than nothing. Oxygenate your brain. Home air filters reduce all kinds of natural and unnatural "toxicants" that can alter mitochondrial brain functioning. Eat a breakfast higher in protein and no carbs till midday, i.e. nuts butters, freshly ground seed/nut cereal, organic sausage or turkey bacon or left overs but no fruits or carbs, try for a month to stabilize insulin more throughout [...]

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Is your body living in a different time zone than the one you inhabit, and is this part of your depression?


Do you often feel out of it? Depressed, isolated and like you don’t fit? Well, the ‘two-left feet cell syndrome’ may be at the epicenter of your depression. Research is showing that in some depressed persons, their cellular timing is way off. Every one of our trillions of cells has an internal clock. They don’t wear watches but they are aware of this critical metronome. Our cells are supposed to be fundamentally wired to dark and light. A healthy circadian rhythmicity is part of feeling truly well on all levels, body, mind and spirit. This being in sync with light and [...]

Is your body living in a different time zone than the one you inhabit, and is this part of your depression?2019-03-24T12:48:05-05:00


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