Want to be a “Game Changer” and win at life? Dr. Berkson’s Interview with Bulletproof’s AMAZING Dave Asprey!


I love Dave Asprey. So does much of the world. We always wait in anticipation of his newest book. A few weeks ago Dave wrote me that he referenced my work and our podcast together in Game Changers: What Leaders & Mavericks Do to Win at Life. He wanted to know if I would pass on this, his latest greatest book, with you, my tribe? So, Dave and I got together for quick chat. Here is our interview on how to make the changes in your life you long to make, in this New Year! Enjoy!   Why did you write [...]

Want to be a “Game Changer” and win at life? Dr. Berkson’s Interview with Bulletproof’s AMAZING Dave Asprey!2019-02-06T12:45:07-06:00

Connection and Sex with Sue Bratton (#86)


  Sue Bratton is called “The Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to Millions of Lovers” and is host to the Better Lover YouTube Channel. Why this show? We live in a time with more discord than connection and more angst and divorce that stability and joy in long term marriages. In this show, Susan shares how to create joy, passion and stability within relationships with more sophisticated sexual know-how. You’ll also learn how healthy passion is brain protective. In fact, this is exactly some of what Berkson shares in her lastest book SEXY BRAIN (click here to claim your free gift and [...]

Connection and Sex with Sue Bratton (#86)2019-06-28T14:41:12-05:00

Valentine’s Blog – Getting Love RIGHT


So many people want to fall madly and passionately in love. But few realize that you can’t really have with others what you don’t already have with yourself. If you don’t have a bag of oranges, you can’t give a bag of oranges away. If you haven’t honed your own experience of love with the “self” that nature and nurture have gifted you with, then what you have with others might not be what you’d hope for. Over half of marriages break up. If you are not “self-known,” when you say “I do,” only part of you is saying it. If [...]

Valentine’s Blog – Getting Love RIGHT2019-02-06T13:35:22-06:00

Sexy Brain (#2)


Learn: how great intimacy promotes sizzling cognition, the hormone language of love, how males and females are absolutely hard wired at the atomic level how to keep your hormones happy. AND THEN get your mind blown as Dr. Berkson translates these factoids into your bedrooms and living rooms. 

Sexy Brain (#2)2019-09-06T10:50:09-05:00