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Leo Galland MD is an internist and author of medical books including Superimmunity for Kids, The Four Pillars of HealingPower Healing, and The Fat Resistance Diet.

Based in New York City, Galland is a regular columnist for Huffington Post, writing about various issues in integrated medicine.

Dr. Berkson and Dr. Galland have lectured at the same conferences for decades.

They have even co-formulated some nutraceutical lines – decades back.

Dr. Galland being in NYC started to treat Covid patients early on. Dr. G has also written deep scientific dives about it. Presently his focus is on healing long covid cases.

In this show you will learn:

  • What to do to treat long Covid
  • Who is at risk of Long Covid?
  • What nutrient and dosage boosts mitochondrial function often damaged by Covid-19
  • The name of the probiotic that boosts alpha interferon vs. gamma interferon
  • What estrogen has to do with alpha interferon.
  • What progesterone has to do with BDNF.
  • What nutrients boost BDNF and why you should care.
  • What is butyrate and why is it important to keep making it
  • The Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Harvard study that showed how many veggies a day protected against Covid and what about keto?
  • Why having high enterococcus faecalis in your stool is not great for Covid and how to check.
  • And much more, whew.
  • You do NOT want to miss this show.



Protocols  (free eBooks)

Healing Long Covid (video)

Your Brain After Covid-19  (PowerPoint Presentation)

Understanding Long Covid: a comprehensive presentation for health professionals

Covid & The Gut Microbiome with Dr. Leo Galland, MD& Dr. Berkson

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