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In this show you will learn:

  • Why COVID is less harmful during pregnancy but more harmful once the baby is born, for the mom that is.
  • The protective role of sex steroid hormones, how they are anti-inflammatory, reshape competency of immune cells, stimulate antibody production, promote respiratory epithelial cell repair, and even inhibit COVID from binding to the ACE2 receptor, the door of access for the novel coronavirus.
  • You will learn why pregnant women are 15 times less likely to die from COVID vs women who are not pregnant.
  • The new information about face masks that could help stop the pandemic in its tracks if 70% of us acted on it.
  • The poetic thoughts of an ER doc on “Ignoring the Sins of our Patients.
  • How being bombed into bits and pieces might have some positive redeeming curricular aspects.
  • As always, so much more.

Be well.

Dr. “BE”!

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