My Morning Cup of Joe Keeps My Waistline Smaller!

Those of you who have followed me over the years know that I love to sleuth the latest science each morning while drinking my cup of joe. How exciting to learn about this perk of my daily routine!


Women coffee drinkers,those who drink 2-3 cups daily,

have less total body & belly fat vs those who drink less.

(This is due to non-caffeine bioactives.)

Healthy Coffee is a Healthy Food

Coffee contains over 1000 polyphenolic healthy compounds.

Best Practices

  • Consume organic mold free coffee.
  • Start with whole beans and grind them yourself. (This maintains high levels of powerful antioxidants that become less active 20 minutes after grinding.)
  • Drink your coffee in a timely manner. (Brewed coffee when older, like when using pre-ground, become acidic but, freshly ground and enjoyed coffee is much less acidic.)

Caffeine or No Caffeine

Great News! Both caffeinated or non-caffeinated helps to reduce fat. This may possibly be due to some of the slight estrogenic effect of coffee since estrogen, in most women, not all, is a Scarlett Ohara waist cincher.

Ladies, care to join me for coffee in the morning?

Be Well, 
Dr. B.

Regular Coffee Consumption Is Associated with Lower Regional Adiposity Measured by DXA among US Women. The Journal of Nutrition, 2020; DOI: 10.1093/jn/nxaa121