Dr. Davis Lamson explains that much of regular cancer interventions, surgery, chemo and radiation, eradicate mostly “daughter” tumor cells, but rarely get all of the “cancer stem cells”. These can live inside bone marrow or other places even when the tumor is at a distance. It is cancer stem cells that mostly “re-seed” new cancer cells initiating dreaded recurrences. Dr. Lamson has made it his career to search out peer-reviewed published, science-based agents (pharmaceutical, herbal and nutritional) that have been shown to kill cancer stem cells. This is a must hear show if you have or had cancer. Or you have a loved one that has cancer and is now in remission. Especially if they are reluctant to be more proactive. This show will give them motivation to take more steps to try to be as safe as they can be. Dr. Lamson explains why you need to address the state of your body that allowed a cancer to grow in the first place, and use healthy answers to reboot your health to try to succeed in not having the cancer return. 

Dr. Davis Lamson was an organic chemist before becoming a naturopath. He has taken his love of chemistry and applied it to studying diseases at the deepest molecular levels to explore what emergent natural and pharmaceutical tools might be used to promote healing. Dr. Lamson’s main focus has been on autoimmunity and cancer. Dr. Lamson emphasizes that “remission management” is the true next step after going into remission, not merely waiting around to see if you are lucky… or not. Davis consulted Dr. Berkson when she had cancer 24 years ago. He told her back then that for the rest of her life her immune system should be her hobby. Now Dr. Lamson says he would rephrase it this way: Make your remission your hobby. In other words, don’t hear the word “remission” and stop trying to help yourself. There is much more you can and should do. Dr. L. also discusses other underlying mechanisms that can contribute to cancer recurrences and suggests answers to address them. Dr. Lamson and Berkson rafted down the Grand Canyon together and they sprinkle memories of their 28 year friendship throughout this riveting show. 

Presently, Dr. Lamson practices at Tahoma Clinic in Tukwila, Washington (near Seattle). He has published over thirty-five research and review papers on hepatitis C, controlling MRSA, stimulating immune function, emphysema, autism, diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux, kidney failure, autoimmunity, and various cancer-related topics. He has invented various natural protocols that are now used around the world by many functional medicine doctors.Dr. Lamson was Adjunct Faculty and coordinator of oncology education for 17 years at the Medical School of Bastyr University. He presently serves on the conference committee of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. If patients want a naturopathic physician board certified in complementary cancer care they can go to https://oncanp.org/ to find a doctor closest to them.

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