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Women and doctors fear that estrogen therapies will cause clots. Especially if women have the genes to be more prone to clotting.

What are the facts, based on peer review science and clinical acumen?

In this show you will learn:

  • What forms clots?
  • What is coagulation?
  • What is factor V Leiden?
  • What are routes of delivery of hormone therapies?
  • How does oral therapy compare to topical?
  • Peer review studies of route of delivery and clot risk.
  • What healthfully “thins” our blood?
  • What specific nutrients keep the blood from clotting and how to assess dosage.
  • What organs makes more “procoagulatory clotting factors” and how to assist this natural activity.
  • How to assess platelet activity.
  • How to use calcium in the blood labs to assess “growth” activity.
  • The role of thicker blood during malignancies.
  • And more..

Guest – Dr. Rosensweet

Dr. Rosensweet was Dr. Berkson’s physician when she had breast cancer 26 years ago. They have continued their connection as friends, colleagues and now collaborators in fighting to keep our hormone rights with the newly formed “cBHRT Coalition” (which Dr. Rosensweet spear heads).

Dr. Rosensweet graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School. He has been in private medical practice since 1971 and has had offices in New Mexico, California, and Colorado. Dr. Rosensweet currently is in practice via telemedicine from North Carolina.

From this gorgeous new home that he shares with his son, Jonathan, also a colleague, and his daughter-in-law and grandkids, Dr. Rosensweet teaches health professionals and women around the world, about hormonal treatments for women in menopause with bio-identical hormones.

Guest Resources

Dr. Rosensweet has created the Menopause Method:

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