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In this show you will learn:

  • How vitamin A helps you lose weight and why you shouldn’t leave home without it.
  • How hypothyroidism, even hidden—known as “subclinical hypothyroidism”—can contribute to ADHD in kids. So, if pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, why you should get tested.
  • The newest most effective breast imaging without ionizing radiation and how to ask your doctor about it.
  • A great action-step to keep your cancer from recurring.
  • What sugary sodas and diet sodas have in common.
  • Why dentists might be getting afraid to put their fingers in your mouth.
  • How to get the best cancer protection from radiation while protecting all your other tissues.
  • Why you want to add beets to your diet in regard to your hormones.
  • And more.

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Hypothyroidism in Pregnant Mothers Linked to ADHD in their Children

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