In this show you will learn:

  • Variants of highest concern are infectious, virulent, and evade human immune surveillance.
  • The more people that get Covid, the more we are exposed to new variants.
  • The UK variant, called the “Kent Variant” is more infectious and more virulent and may be a hide-and-seek new “strain” that can make more numbers of people ill, with increasing fatality rates, too.
  • Not everyone has access to” functional interventions”, or doctors to order them (like Ivermectin, nutrients and even nebulized glutathione) so… we need a variety of protective actions.
  • Many states are relaxing mitigation strategies, which is not the best approach right now because “we may be facing our biggest challenge yet” with the UK variant. And… perhaps… more scariant, variants to come.


Vaccines are not the only answer. But they not only boost antibody production, they also educate your B and T cells to be able to address new mutations.

If the antibody production didn’t work, the memory in your immune system is great “back-up”.

Scientifically this means: Vaccines produce two measurable responses (aside from clinical outcome) — neutralizing antibody titers plus t-cell reactivity.

What is clear is that the longer millions of people are infected, the more mutations there will be. We refer to some of these mutations as scariant, as they are becoming more virulent on a variety of levels and already we are closing in on 550,000 Americans having died from Covid. At the same time learning that certain states have “under-count” these cases.

While we wait for new vaccine supplies, experts suggest we should consider alternative vaccination plans: Get more people vaccinated, including delaying the second dose to 6-8 weeks after the first; giving a single dose to people with prior COVID-19 infection; and giving a half-dose of the Moderna vaccine.

We need to get up on what else is helpful that we can do in our own homes.

Science is building a great case that Vitamin D blood levels effect your COVID outcomes. Vitamin D levels over 30 ng/mL are linked to less severe cases of COVID while blood levels under 12 ng/mL are linked to higher risk of ending up in the ICU and intubated.

Take Vitamin D. Know your level. Work with your savvy practitioner on this if you need to.

Avoid high-fructose corn syrup. It inactivates vitamin D even if you supplement or hang out in the sun.

Eat well. Rest well. Take protective nutrients that we have discussed in other shows (such as zinc, melatonin, Vitamin A, N-acetylcysteine, resveratrol) and more.

Vaccines are only part of the way to stop this pandemic, which is presently 5 times more fatal than the flu. But this is the statistical virulence and fatality rate of the original mutations, not the newer more scariant ones.

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