What a time we live in!

Hard to know who to believe?

So… what is the truth about Covid and Vaccines?

This is not to say that I have all the facts, but am sharing what I think is helpful to start piecing things together.

Video Summary

This video sums up, in about 25 minutes, a clear story/theory by this MD, Dr. Steven Hatfill, who was on Trump’s Pandemic Committee, and was one of the US speakers at last week’s International Covid Summit in Rome.

Dr. Steven Hatfill Video

Note This Hatfill talk has two minutes of some odd IT Italian over-lay that we can’t get rid of, so please just stomach-on-through that short odd glitch.

Rome Covid Conference

American doctors presented closing talks on many of the Rome Covid Conference days.

Dr. Fareed gave the closing speech on the second to the last day. I had just interviewed him on my podcast and published it the week before. You can listen to our conversation about Early Intervention Statistics here.

Dr. Fareed feels that Dr. Hatfill’s summary of how we got to such tragedy, is correct.

PS – Hatfill was accused of stuff way back when but was cleared and sued those who wrongly attacked him, and won… but negative news seems stronger than factual, drat, so… there is some nasty but inaccurate stuff about him “out there”. As perhaps there may be about me, too, some day. People who speak truth and face the front lines are often persecuted.

Of course, books, papers and studies will be written and debated about Covid-19 for years to come.

Nobody knows all the facts… just yet.

But it appears to be a stunning and disheartening unfolding saga. This blog, originally emailed to my email group on September 21, 2021, is about a 15 minute read, but worth it – I hope. Let me know what you think!

Agreement and Background

One thing these expert doctors in Italy all agreed upon, was that the world had “early interventions” that worked, early on.

Korea proved late in 2019 and early in 2020 that chloroquine worked.

Then France showed that the safer form – hydroxychloroquine – worked.

That’s why I wrote my blog about Covid and the French research and published it the first week in April that year (And the Townsend Letter {Dear dear Dr. Jonathan Collins} kindly republished it in three parts toward the end of 2020 and it was then translated into French and Spanish and used by some hospitals in these countries).

First off, Trump’s administration did away with the pandemic committee that had been put into place by Obama. It had laid out a template for out-patient clinics to be put into the poorest, and thus potentially hardest hit areas, in the US, to treat folks with re-purposed drugs found to work. Like hydroxychloroquine.

But Trump poo poo-ed the pandemic and his governors went along with him and no one thought a viral war was coming and we weren’t prepared.

But to Trump’s credit, he wisely stockpiled something like 82 million tablets of hydroxychloroquine. (And mind you, he used a cocktail of ALL of these meds, along with the antibodies – Regeneron – that now is being more and more stopped from being available?????)

But to get it out of there and to us, the citizens, this stockpile needed a classification that allowed that.

Thus, came the real pivotal part of this pandemic.

  • Hydroxychloroquine costs about 11 cents per pill and you don’t need much to treat Covid early on.
  • It needed to be classified in the correct manner to pull it out of US stock piles, for availability to “us” the public.

At the Pivot

Enter center stage — Dr. Janet Woodcock. Head of the US FDA.

She is a rheumatologist. Hydroxychloroquine is their major drug. Given to folks for years on end. They mainly need to check their eyes on a regular basis when used daily, but it’s so safe, it can and is readily given to pregnant and lactating women.

Woodcock knew this. She knew that hydroxychlorquine had been safely used on millions for about 60 years.

She knew that Korea and France had shown that it worked.

She knew we had lots stockpiled.

She knew that we didn’t need a vaccine if we had an inexpensive “cure” for most cases of early Covid (nothing works for everyone, so always need back-up plans A and B – as that is life and individuality) but for most, it would end the disease within a few days.

It was a god-send. If you could get it.

So… the US was under the thumb of Dr. Woodcock.

  • If she labeled it in a manner that would let doctors in the US know far and wide that this was an acceptable and safe protocol, docs and patients could gain access for early Covid treatment.
  • If it was labeled another way, it would be considered unsafe, and only for use in hospitals and ICU’s, where its application is not near as effective as in early Covid cases.

Many studies had shown it didn’t help Covid “late” in the game.

If given to hospitalized Covid patients, the patient didn’t get their best chance. And, neither did this drug.

Woodcock made a fateful decision.

She mandated it available ONLY for hospitals. For LATE care.

To patients already severely ill.

She contributed to the false impression that it was unsafe. While with her certification as a rheumatologist she would certainly know the opposite.

A false sense of this med’s lack of safety and potential heart adverse effects (Lancet had to retract that fraudulent article concluding that) and its “in”-effectiveness was propagandized and the road was set to look for vaccines.

Then, since NY was so unprepared and in crisis, a group of intelligent docs started to search for other effective inexpensive drugs to help treat early Covid and keep folks well and out of hospitals. Some of these docs testified in front of Congress. On deaf ears.

Check out their website and helpful protocols.

I interviewed one of them, Dr. Keith Berkowitz, on my show.

Dr. Hatfill also said, not implied, that Woodcock is making money on vaccines. Hatfill is a whistle blower. I am trying to verify and find out how.

I found this: “After winning the chief spot at Operation Warp Speed, Moncef Slaoui resigned from Moderna’s board of directors on Friday, “just days” before the US-based mRNA biotech put out very early, encouraging results for its Covid-19 vaccine. Slaoui also sold millions in stock options after he was criticized for a potential conflict.

“May 20th 2020: FDA drug chieftain Janet Woodcock was assuring a top Wall Street analyst that any vaccine approved for combating Covid-19 would have to meet high agency standards on safety and efficacy before its approval. But over the weekend, after she and Peter Marks took top positions with the public-private operation meant to speed a new vaccine to lightning-fast approvals — they both recused themselves from the review process after an advocacy group argued their roles close to the White House could pose a conflict of interest.” EndPoint News.

Also… On this past Tuesday, the agency said that Marion Gruber, the agency’s vaccine director, and her deputy, Philip Krause, will soon leave the agency, reportedly in part because they were upset about the Biden administration’s recent announcement that Americans should get Covid-19 booster shots! They implied there was not enough evidence about need as well as safety… yet. (NY Time Opinion Piece by Farhad Manjoo)

Garth Brook’s has a song I love, “I’ve got friends in high places”. Apparently… so do/did our vaccines.

Light vs. Dark

Did we lose 670,000 Americans and our access to early intervention because of money to be made on vaccines?

I do not know for sure. The truth will come out… at some time.

But there is evil in this world. Those who are proven to have blocked access to “early intervention” to ward off this pandemic, as well as the financial destruction of our economy and many small businesses, will come to be thought of as Hitlers.

I believe that to be the case.

Early intervention works. It’s inexpensive. It won’t work for everybody. But most bodies.

And now, these vaccines that even I believed in at the beginning, are a crap shoot.

Some people get vaccinated and do great. And stay out of hospitals with this Delta virulent strain.

But others go on and get “vaccine injuries”. The accounts of these are growing. The government’s lack of tracking adverse vaccine events is also dismaying.

They are getting so bad at tracking these events, the FDA, Dr. Hatfill said, has asked the vaccine companies to track these complications themselves, rather than our government.

That can’t be good!

PS – Dr. Jessica Rose did a great talk on VAERS analysis with slides.

Bottom Line

In truth, no one will ever care about your health as much as you will! Bottom line!

You have to find who you think is trying to see the light and share that light. And have strategies set in place to stay well and get well.

We were told, for example, that Type2 D was not curable. Once you had it you were dependent on drugs forever. We were honed on “learned help-less-ness” and dependence on meds. But diet, lifestyle, intermittent fasting, all work. Yes, in many, now, T2D can be reversed.

We see this over and over again.

This lack of transparency and dependence on drugs is an old story in functional medicine.

Another example is treating endometriosis with surgery. Rather than diet, gluten avoidance, melatonin and HCG. Not known by most docs or available to most women.

I have seen this my whole career. It’s made me grind my teeth to powder (thank god for dentists).

But I do not believe that 670,000 Americans needed to die. And so brutally. Often alone.

Take Dr. Fareed for instance. A truly gracious, almost saintly man. Dr. Fareed graduated from Harvard and first worked in Washington with Dr. Fauci. He could have had a fancy expensive practice. But he felt called to serve the underserved. He moved to a mostly Hispanic agricultural area and has practiced east of San Diego for over 30 years. Now he and Dr. Brian Tyson have treated 7,000+ Covid patients in this vulnerable community and even had a statistician come in and assess his stats on the first 4,500 patients. He has proven that with early intervention, less than 0.05% had to be hospitalized. He used early inexpensive interventions.

Many of these now, if a doc writes scripts for them, put that doctor’s medical license at risk. Pharmacists in South Africa risk being put in jail if they dispense ivermectin. WTF?

My mother was given DES in her first trimester. It was given as a prenatal vitamin (and for breakthrough bleeding) to millions of pregnant women for 38 years. Even though they knew early on that it caused cancer.

I battled cancers. Infertility and much more. It’s no longer taught in med schools, even though it was a major US public health tragedy.

So… I care about NOT repeating public health tragedies. And boy, if one like this could have been prevented in the first place.

It’s true that some people get Covid, especially the Delta variant, and end up in serous condition. And die.

But when I asked Dr. Brownstein how his treatments were working against this new variant, he said it was easier to deal with than the first. He published his first 107 cases in a medical journal, and two weeks ago presented his early intervention successes on over 250 cases, many of them the Delta variant type, at an A4M Wednesday Webinar meeting.

So, we have two realities.

One — that people are told to go home and take Tylenol and wait, and can end up in the ERs, straining our docs and systems and fighting for their lives. This is very real.

But two — that many of these cases would never have gone this far, if we had early inexpensive available early treatments that docs were allowed and promoted to use.

  • Both “is-nesses” are real.
  • Both are now occurring.
  • But did the number of severe cases that we see need to occur? I think not.

Look at Israel. It was the first country to vaccinate 3/4s of its citizens (Jews are very health conscious, if not hypochondriacal, as my grandmother would always remind me, thus, so many of us are docs!). Yet many of their already vaccinated are ending up in hospitals. Fighting for their lives, too.

Why? These vaccines last only so long. Where is early intervention even for those vaccinated who are struggling?

Then… we need boosters. More. And more.

I believe in the polio vaccine. I believe in the meningitis vaccine. I believe some people need the Covid vaccine.

But I know that if we had access to early interventions that work, we wouldn’t have needed the vaccine in the first place.

And 670,000 people would not have had to die.

Over a long period of time we will see the light as to who made the money off of not making early interventions available.

Yes, our hospitals and docs and staff are stretched. One functional medicine doc here in Austin died a week ago from Covid. There is no guarantee about early intervention.

But look at Dr. Fareed’s numbers. And my own story (You know I am no spring-chicken and have co-morbidities but took ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and nutrients and sailed easily through. But I had all on hand to use immediately. That’s the key. Be prepared!)

As things stand, many do not have these on hand. Thus, the vaccine. I get it.

But if you can… have strategies in place.

Be smart.

Be thoughtful.

Keep learning.

The truth shall come out eventually.

But we want to live to see it.

Dr. B.

PS – I have had Dr. McCullough a a guest on my podcast twice now. 

Science About Early Covid Intervention with Peter McCullough, MD (#228)

Covid Early Intervention & Perhaps Who Should Not Get Vaccinated: Peter McCullough, MD (#215)

Dr. McCullough is the internist/cardiologist speaking out on how we have bungled Covid. I don’t agree with all he says… but with a lot.

On this link Dr. M gives a super talk to a group of 100 people at a church and walks us through Covid and treatment for early intervention. If you can’t get hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin there are other things to do. (Dr. David Brownstein uses nebulized hydrogen peroxide and states his whole protocol in his new immunity book and I had him on my show). Even simple things like mouthwash and nasal spray can make a huge difference.

Here is Dr. McCullough’s amazing summary: https://rumble.com/vlqdpo-dr-peter-mccullough-lecture-on-the-state-of-covid-treatment..html

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