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Sanity is a precious thing. There are so many divergent yet “loud” commentaries and opinions on vaccines, this divergence is threatening much of our sanity as well as humanity. (Boy…  that rhymed)!

Dale Harrison

Dale Harrison is a senior biotech executive with more than 20 years of experience in research physics and the biotech industry. Mr. Harrison is currently working with companies developing new clinical diagnostic platforms such as developing a CRISPR-based Covid over-the-counter test.

Thus, Mr. Harrison has been writing, researching, and assessing what is going on with Covid, and Covid vaccines.

In this show you will learn:

  • What is an mRNA vaccine?
  • The difference between a “sterilizing vaccine” (measles vaccine) vs. a “non-sterilizing vaccine” (COVID vaccines).
  • How vaccines offer “disease immunity” and what this means for your risk of dying from Covid.
  • The statistical risk of dying from Covid (in 2021) in those 15 -year old’s and older.
  • The risks in people with serious autoimmune diseases of getting COVID vs. getting the vaccine.
  • Why there is so much inaccurate vaccine information out in “cyber space” even by top physicians and Nobel Laureate winners.
  • Dale’s take on what happened to the elderly that died in Norway post-vaccine.
  • Why you need to wait 90 days after having COVID before you can safely get the vaccine.
  • Which vaccine does he think we should avoid?
  • Once you get the vaccine… then what?
  • Will we still need “mitigating behaviors” after getting the vaccine?
  • How will these behaviors be different from mitigating behaviors pre-vaccine?
  • That Dale and Dr. B agree to disagree on Lysosomotropic agents.
  • How to safely go back to dense activity sports, like the gym or dancing, once you have been vaccinated. Or not.
  • Molecular mimicry beyond the respiratory tract, a nuance of Covid.

If we drop all mitigation efforts, even with full vaccine compliance, Dale discusses how the virus will go fully endemic and almost everyone will catch Covid-19 once or twice a year. There will possibly be many more deaths, unless we as a country are guided in nutrients, easy to use at home anti-virals, and more education on keeping our personal immune systems healthy.

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